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The BigHR Event 2022: For CHROs and Direct Reports

September 9th, 2022

Renaissance Hotel in Plano, Texas

Discover How Leveraging Financial Acumen Can Put You On The Launching Pad to Business Strategist

Master The Key Factor CEOs and Boards Want In Their CHROs and Board Members

Be among the first to take part in the most “out-of-the-box” HR event of the year…

Where you’ll get the chance to…

  • Unravel the mysteries and complexities of financial acumen in a fun, engaging, and practical way…

(This will NOT be a lecture! It’s going to be a 100% interactive and stimulating experience meant to impart both theoretical and practical knowledge.

  • Bolster your understanding of how a business is run and how you can have a positive and lasting impact on its growth…

(You’ll come out of this event with a better understanding of how to run a business …even if you already have financial acumen.)

  • Leverage the knowledge you get on the spot by competing against others in game-based real-world scenarios…

(Come out on top and you’ll win a [PRIZE]!)

  • Develop the mindset and skills that will make any CEO eager to make you part of the Board…

(CEOs greatly value people who can breathe new life into their businesses…especially when they understand the financial fine-tuning required to grow a business smoothly.)

  • PLUS…enjoy a delicious lunch, Happy Hour, and a four-string quartet in the company of like-minded peers!

(Enjoying a good meal,  drinks, and listening to good music is enough reason to get out of the house and come join us!)


It’s all going down LIVE and IN PERSON in Plano, Tx at the Renaissance - Legacy West

Listen we both know that being a CHRO in this day and age can feel OVERWHELMING…

Most of the time you feel like you are putting out one fire after the other…

While struggling to juggle all the other responsibilities that come with the job…

From finding new and competent talent to making sure your current employees are well-taken care of and don’t suddenly quit on you…

With all of that going on it’s hard to make time for yourself and your own career growth. HOWEVER…

This is also the perfect time to arm yourself with the knowledge and skills which will make you a valuable asset to any CEO! WHY?

Because now more than ever businesses are looking for HR professionals who can help them grow in a sustainable and real manner…

HR leaders who not only know how to attract the right talent…

They also have an intimate knowledge of how the business operates…

And can make quick and valuable decisions…

Making a positive impact not only on the employees but also on the bottom line!

The 1 Day Event That May Change Your Career Path FOREVER

Here’s the deal:

The in-person BigHR Event is for CHROs and direct reports who are eager to take their careers to the next level…

By amassing the knowledge and skills savvy CEOs treasure and desire in their Business Strategist and Board Members…

Look it doesn’t matter if you can’t tell a financial statement from a balance sheet…

Or if you are familiar with the intricate nature of financial acumen…

The unique method we’re using to dispel all the confusion surrounding these concepts…

And build up competence and more importantly confidence…

Is being used by MBA programs at institutions like Texas A&M, Duke, Cornell, and Purdue…

And top tier companies like HP, Schneider Electric, Houston Power and Light, Michelin, Coca-Cola, GE…

To up-skill HR leaders into Business Strategists!

We’ve developed an exclusive 1-day event that will allow you to take part in a “Monopoly” Game-like experience…

Where you will…

  • Uncover the mysteries of financial statements in a way that makes perfect sense so you don’t feel like your head is spinning the next time you read one…
  • Map out the income vs cost of any business to determine the profit in a streamlined manner…
  • Grasp every variable from the balance sheet and how to properly leverage them for successful business growth…
  • Experience the thrills…and complexities…of running a business in a real-world simulation…
  • Prevail over your competition and claim the #1 spot by leveraging your knowledge and wit…

And so much more!

So get your ticket right now before the spots are filled out!

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You Only Get 1 Shot To Be a Part Of This Transformative Experience

Remember what I said at the beginning…

There are ONLY 108 spots available in total for this event!

Because of how the game is set up, that’s the maximum number of attendees we can accommodate…

Once those are filled out…THAT’S IT!

There is no waiting list…

There are no extra seats I can squeeze in…

There is nothing I can do to help you get in on this event…

You’ll be left on the outside looking in

So if you don’t want that to happen to you…

Missing out on one of the most insightful, engaging, and quite frankly fun HR event of the year…

Then you need to claim your spot right now before they fill out!

Tell me more!

You’re Going To Be Mentored By Some Of The Best Professionals In The Business

Amy Messersmith

Chief People Officer

Builders FirstSource, Inc.

Billy Parsons

Chief People Officer

U.S. Dermatology Partners

Calvin Hilton

Chief Diversity Officer

Bread Financial

Debbie Dennis

Chief Customer & HR Officer


Denyse Medlenka

CPO (Interim)


Donna Howard

Chief Human Resources Officer


Elizabeth Galloway

EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

Invitation Homes

Felicia Taylor

Chief People Officer


Holly Novak

Chief People Officer

Jack Henry

Josh Lipscomb

SVP Total Rewards

Varsity Brands

Laurie Fry

Chief Talent Officer


Leigh Ober

Global Chief People Officer

Omnicom Precision Marketing Group

Margot Carter

Lead Corporate Director

Installed Building Products

Maria Mercer

VP HR and M&A

Ryan LLC

Maruchy Cantu

EVP & Chief Administrative DE&I Officer

DFW International Airport

Rebecca Zorn

Chief Talent Officer

Globe Life Inc.

Suzanne Myers

Chief Human Resources Office


Agenda (8:00 am - 5:30 pm CST):

  • Check-in
  • Welcome
  • Financial Game Simulation
  • Lunch
  • Financial Game Simulation (continued)
  • Announce Winners
  • Four String Quartet (playing tributes to ABBA, Coldplay, Queen, Beatles and more... ) during
    Power Connections Happy Hour
  • Raffle prize drawing

Get your ticket today

You’re Going To Want To Be Part Of This Event Because…

This is the only time I’m hosting an event like this in 2022…and who knows when or IF I’ll hold another one in the future…

The focused HR leaders who are going to be part of this exclusive event will have a leg up on all their peers…

Because they’ll master the know-how that puts you on an upward trajectory to having a Board seat of your own…

Financial acumen is one of the KEY aspects CEOs look for in their Business Strategists and Board Members…

So by this time next year…who knows…some of these 108 HR professionals would have achieved their career dream…

One thing’s for certain…

Those who fail to take advantage of this opportunity will most certainly be running their wheels in place for a long time to come…

So if you don’t want that to be you…

And you want to have the leverage necessary to make that final leap towards your proper place in the business world…

Then you should click the button below and claim your seat right now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Give Me My Ticket Now!

Let's recap...

Financial Game Simulation
Value: $6,000

Power Connection Happy Hour
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Beverages, Lunch & Game night Snacks
Value: $175 


Four String Quartet (from candle light tribute series) during
Value: $1,700


Bonuses Included for tickets purchased before 9/7/22:

CHRO Career Acceleration Guide

Building Your Business Case - HBR Worksheet, Checklist and Book Summary


Total Value: $7,875 

Today's Price is only...



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