HR Leaders Ready to Go Beyond check-box D&I Programs

How to Create an Integrated DEI&B Talent Plan

Even without a Chief Diversity Officer or a Huge Budget! 

Finally, a Tool that Aligns Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Belonging Efforts with the Talent Life-cycle

Hello! It's Cindy Lu, founder CHRO Partners.  Hosting the DEI&B BigHR Event this year required months of research, courses, books, and talking with CDOs & CHROs. 

It's been eye-opening to see how many HR leaders are frustrated with the lack of progress in areas like ...

...consistently attracting diverse slates of candidates

... retention of underrepresented talent and lack of talent pipeline

...the lack of diversity in the "C" suite and on Boards

HR Leaders want to do things differently this time...

Yet many HR leaders feel the pressured to quickly...

...bring in a Chief Diversity Officer

...add new holidays and implement more unconscious bias training

...conduct listening sessions and reinvent ERGs

But is this any different than what's been done in the past?

If your answer is no, your instincts are right on! This is the biggest question from CHROs and Sr. HR Leaders. What's really going to change this time so we can achieve more diverse slates & leadership teams, improve equity & belonging and create inclusive, innovative cultures?

The reality is many organizations' foundational talent Centers of Excellence (CoEs) aren't in place or robust enough to support DEI&B strategies. AND...

Because HR Functions are...

...notoriously underfunded and short on staff with a mile long "To Do" list,

HR Leaders are feeling overwhelmed and behind on DEI&B efforts. In fact, at one of our DEI&B events, 55% of attendees,  said they're just in the “initiating” phase of their DEI&B journey and ONLY 5% in the transformation stage!

HR Leaders don't want to just charge ahead with the same practices...

HR Leaders Know "Programmatic" DEI&B Investments Won’t Bring Sustainable Change


Here's the REAL change needed:

DEI&B must be built into the entire talent life cycle

 It's that simple (not easy)!

We have to do the work to ensure the foundational HR Centers of Excellence are in place while weaving in DEI&B into the entire employee life cycle.

What do we mean by this?

After studying hundreds of HR functions,  I've seen that the organizations that get more results from their DEI&B efforts have integrating DEI&B into foundational HR Centers of Excellence “CoEs” like Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, Talent Management, and Total Rewards.

DEI&B is not a separate “program”

Think of it this way...

...if talent acquisition teams are under-resourced and overwhelmed, they have little chance of producing diverse slates of candidates.

…if clear performance management and career development processes aren’t in place, under-represented talent have little chance to get promoted (especially if the historical path to promotion has unwritten rules).

…if accountability to quotas are emphasized vs. a focus on operational process, D&I programs will get a backlash.

So, this feeling of unrest about sustainable change is warranted because without foundational HR practices in place, it is just a "program" vs. pushing for systemic change.

Guess What?

There is Good News

Stop implementing "check-box" D&I programs, and instead…

...start putting a Strategic DEI&B Plan together while leveling up foundational HR Centers of Excellence (CoEs).

...unlike other DEI&B tool kits, this one is focused on weaving DEI&B into the entire employee life cycle to create lasting results.

...demonstrate to Non-HR Leaders and Boards the interdependence of DEI&B and HR Centers of Excellence and get the resources needed to build out these foundational centers of excellence.

That’s why we are proud to introduce...
Strategy Sheet
(DEI&B Talent Integration Prioritization Spreadsheet)
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Join CHROS, CPOs, CDOs, HRBPs, HR Center of Excellence Leaders who refuse to let another year go by with just "check box" D&I programs

Here’s why you need to act today...

Boards and Senior leaders are listening and we have a platform right now – So, let's make the most of this moment!


Only those who buy this tool will have an opportunity to purchase our reduced price Executive Talent Dashboard with 9 talent metrics for race and ethnicity.

With the DEI&B TIPS (Talent Integration Prioritization Spreadsheet) tool, you'll have elements to...

  1. Build-in Talent Acquisition enablers for diverse slates
  2. Design Learning and Development Content and Delivery practices for inclusive programs
  3. Strengthen Talent Management process adjustments to create equity
  4. Create Compensation and Pay Equity assessment processes and remediation plans
  5. Create unique ways to leverage your Board or external advisors
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The Tools You Need to Build a

Successful Integrated DEI&B Talent Plan

The DEI&B Talent Integration Prioritization Spreadsheet - DEI&B T.I.P.S. (Value $120)

In this tool, we will share critical DEI&B intersections with the employee life cycle for each HR Center of Excellence (Talent Acquisition, L&D, Talent Management, Total Rewards, and Board responsibilities).

Using this tool with a unique list of process & operational enhancements will save you months of research as you update or pull your integrated DEI&B talent plan together.

The DEI&B T.I.P.S. Video Tutorial (Value $115)

Video Tutorial on how to use the DEI&B TIPS Tool that helps you integrate DEI&B right into your Talent Plan.

At the end, you will have a clear process on how to make this tool your own for your organization to integrate DEI&B into the overall talent life cycle and a way to memorialize all the priorities accomplished.

How to Be a Consultative HR Leader with the CHRO of HP (video masterclass)   (Value $250)

In this lesson, you will hear from a highly-respected CHRO and her 7 pillars to being a consultative leader to have more influence in order get more talent programs approved without the HR speak.


We’re going to add in Some extra tools that once you have a create a clear plan to integrate DEI&B into your talent life cycle you have a roadmap to get priorities approved:

Our Harvard Business Review (HBR) Book Summary: Guide to Building Your Business Case (Value $79)

After reviewing this summary, you will have a step-by-step on how to get your business case approved without having to read the whole book!

Guide to HBR's Building Your Business Case Checklist Worksheet (Value $159)

After completing this professionally designed accompanying checklist worksheet, you will increase your chances of getting your business case approved.

Masterclass Video of DEI&B Panel from the BigHR Event              (Value $47)

At the end of this panel discussion, you will have ideas on ways to make the race problem real for Sr. Leaders and how to battle DEI&B fatigue and leverage proven systems from heads of D&I leaders from healthcare, transportation, and distribution.

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We Promise You Will Love the

Tools & Resources

But the best part is, you don’t even have to believe us!

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the DEI&B Talent Integration Tool,  we will offer you a full refund.

That means you can get access today and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good. Take the full 30 days to explore the tool, resources, and worksheets, and then make the decision.

And only those who sign up will have a chance to buy our $17 DEI&B Dashboard that will help you measure your current state and progress through the DEI&B journey.  It's a favorite at Board meetings!

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Let's recap...

All the Tools You Need to Build a Successful Integrated DEI&B Talent Plan

Part 1: The DEI&B (T.I.P.S.) Talent Integration Prioritization Spreadsheet and accompanying resources (Value $120)

Part 2: Video Tutorial on How to Use the DEI&B TIPS Tool (Value $115)

Part 3: How to be a Consultative Leader for more Influence with the CHRO of HP Recorded Masterclass (Value $250)

Bonus 1: Our Harvard Business Review Book Summary of How to Get Your Business Case Approved (Value $79)

Bonus 2: Accompanying Worksheet and Checklist professionally created  for HBR's Book Summary of How to Get Your Business Case Approved (Value $159)

Bonus 3:  The video recording of practical action items to implement in DEI&B with an amazing panel with heads of D&I (Value $47)

Total Value: ($770.00)

Regular Price: $79

Today's Price: $27

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FAQs We Know You’re Going to Ask:

Terry Snodgrass

Director HR

“This DEI&B TIPS tool is one I will take with me wherever I go. It gives actionable steps I can have HRBPs take even without a D&I program.”

Marion Terrell


“CHROs who want to educate Sr. Leaders on the importance of robust HR Centers of Excellence for sustainable D&I efforts will want to grab this spreadsheet.”

Ready to Win at DEI&B?

Ready to Win at DEI&B while upping the organization's HR Talent Centers of Excellence? 

Ready to feel confident and proud of the impact HR is making to drive growth and innovation while creating a culture of belonging, equity and inclusion?

Just one tool can help senior leaders see what's really required for sustainable change.

See you on the inside!


Cindy Lu

Founder, CHRO Partners

Helping HR Leaders Solve Business Challenges Through Peer Groups and Community

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