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CHRO Partners applaud all the HR Heroes who tirelessly serve and develop others.  We believe an organization is only as good as it's HR leaders and our goals is to help make meaningful connections with like-minded HR executives through a variety of forums that create a safe environment to connect, share and mastermind solutions for their organizations.  Our Mastermind members are HR executives who are not just surviving, they are thriving!

You can connect with our founder Cindy Lu through LinkedIn.

More about Cindy Lu...

I believe there's never been a better time to be in HR then now. Human capital strategies and innovation will  be critical to the survival of organizations.  I speak to countless HR executives everyday and consistently their feedback is that they need more peer-to-peer interactions and relationship to help them solve their challenges. At the same time they are hesitant to go to networking events for a variety of reasons. Whether it's lack of their peer group attending,  dodging vendors, or lack of time.   My take on the last reason, “lack of time” is they are not seeing ROTI (return on their time invested) because of lack of commitment. They also tell me that the HR profession is the loneliest jobs in an organization. Especially for those who do not have an army internal HR team members to turn to and even when you do have peers internally to consult with, often it's a sensitive topic or you have to worry about internal politics.

For these reasons, I launched HR Mastermind Peer Advisory Boards to provide a safe,vendor free  environment with peers who become a personal board of advisors.

Since launching the HR Mastermind groups in late November of 2017 we have already had to start a third group and now starting a Virtual forum and for may of you who asked for an emerging leader group, we now have the ReadyNext Forum because of the demand for a "seat at the table".

HR Mastermind groups will be the fourth human capital business I've launched in my career and without a doubt it has been the most rewarding. It's great to see HR executives really want to get engaged and it’s been fun to see them experience the same level of collaboration that help them bring more to the table for their organizations.

 To learn more about HR Mastermind Peer Advisory Boards, book a call by clicking here.

All my best,


Cindy Lu


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