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CHRO Partners applaud all the HR Heroes who tirelessly serve and develop others. 

Yet less than 50%* of the CHROs or CPOs come up through HR and that is a sad story of the "barbers child never getting a haircut" ! It's time for HR to focus on HR.

We believe an organization is only as good as its HR leaders and our goal is to help HR leaders drive better results through meaningful connections with other like-minded HR executives. We do this through a variety of HR only forums that create a safe environment to connect, share and mastermind solutions so that they can drive top-line growth for their organizations.  Our Mastermind members are HR executives who are not just surviving, they are thriving!

You can connect with our founder Cindy Lu through LinkedIn.

Gartner recently shared a study showing that the top skill for a CHRO is to be a connector leader. Helping their staff connect to the right people and resources at the right time. I know this is true because I speak to dozens of HR executives everyday and consistently their feedback is that they want more peer-to-peer interactions and relationship to help them solve their challenges. At the same time they are hesitant to go to networking events for a variety of reasons. I often hear that they don't make time because of the lack of a peer group attending or too many vendors   Yet, they also tell me that peer to peer interactions and networking rates extremely high in importance for value for their career and their organization.

Finally, as a past CEO and business owner of fast growth enterprises, I have seen first hand the power of effective HR and how it drives tops line results and there is a new generation of HR leaders who want to make a difference for both their employees and shareholders by being transformational vs. transactional.

For these reasons, I launched HR Mastermind Peer Advisory Boards to provide a safe, vendor free  environment with peers who become a personal board of advisors.

Since launching the HR Mastermind groups in late November of 2017 we have had robust peer board meetings at the most senior levels in HR leadership and now opening our membership to  a "ReadyNext" Virtual forum for emerging HR leaders to help them become strategic consultative internal consultants - a top skill to master in order to become a CHRO**.

To learn more about HR Mastermind Peer Advisory Boards or ReadyNext Virtual groups, book a call by clicking HERE.

All my best,


Cindy Lu


*AON Study

**2019 CHRO Skills Survey by CHRO partners


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