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FAQs: HR Masterminds Peer Advisory Boards

FAQ for HR Mastermind Peer Boards

What is the purpose “HRM”s and how will my company benefit from these round tables?

Executive HR Mastermind round tables, like similar CEO groups, is a peer to peer advisory group.  Your organization can expect you to leapfrog your challenges, be more informed and make quicker decisions resulting in time and cost savings and most importantly accelerated growth for your organization. Each year we expect members to quantify the benefits by sharing with their sponsor multiple challenges solved and/or bring new ideas to the office because of the work of the round table work.

How often do you meet and what is the format for these mastermind round tables?

For our HR Mastermind peer boards, we meet six times a year face to face and four times a year on a zoom conference call for three hours. You  should target being present for a minimum of 7-8 meetings a year to see maximum results and to keep your seat.

Three meetings annually will have speakers (subject matter experts, CHROs and other C suite execs) and then the balance of the meeting swill be the mastermind portion of the meeting where problems are solved and ideas are created. Typical format for the "HOT SEAT": present a challenge, clarifying question from the group, brain storm solutions and commit to action.

 Who attends these round tables?

The Executive HRMM is for HR Directors to CHROs and Chief People Officer.

1.     Executive Sponsor: First you want to find an executive sponsor from your organization who is supportive of your development and understands the value of peer advisory boards.

2.     Our programs are designed for director level and above or within 2 levels of the CHRO and have people management responsibilities.

3.     You must be in good standing with your company or organization and not actively seeking new employment (honor system). If you are seeking a new job there are larger networking groups that will better serve your purpose. If you transition during your membership, you can of course continue with your group and we will help you!

How do I apply for an HR Mastermind group?

Because we want to ensure the chemistry of the group you are matched with, we have a 3-step process:

1.     Schedule a call with Cindy Lu for Q&A and to better understand your goals

(we will send you an outlook invite with video call details)

2.  Have a Zoom video conference call/interview

3.     You will be assigned a group and once you make payment on-line you will receive a link to an online orientation program to prepare you for your first meeting

What does membership include?

This is an annual membership also includes access to past speakers videos. Here are a Sampling of notable speakers:

CHRO of L'Oreal USA


CHRO of Frito-Lay/PepsiCo

CHRO Lennox International

Managing Director and Head of Talent Acquisition at FedEx Office

Member, Board of Directors at American Electric Power, WESCO International, PolyOne Corp and Interface Biologics

Retired CHRO of Hewitt and Head of Talent Management Baxter & Author of Brag, Worry, Wonder, Bet: A Manager's Guide to Giving Feedback

·       Access to private online group conversations in between meetings

What is the financial commitment to join?

Please see our solutions sections. Please get an approval code from [email protected]

Will you have vendors in the Mastermind Groups?

There will not be vendor/sponsors at the meetings as this is a safe confidential environment for you to open up. We will have sponsors for our BigHR event and occasional subject matter experts from service providers or vendors speak at the beginning of the meeting but will not be present during the "hot seat" portion of the meeting.

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Is this a networking event?

HR Mastermind groups are not just networking but rather focused on helping our HR heroes solve real problems. We do believe having a strong network determines success so we encourage you to reach out to other members in between meetings to build relationships. If you are seeking a career change this might not be the right format for you as our groups are small intimate groups.

What if my boss doesn’t feel I can afford to be away from the office 25 hours a year for my development?

HR members and their bosses know that the time invested in a P2P advisory group is returned in spades because of the time saved by minimizing false starts, better/faster decisions and learning from others’ lessons. This personal “board” will leapfrog your company’s knowledge and get results faster.

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“What differentiates a leader from a manager... is the ability to figure out where to go and to enlist the people and groups necessary to get there."

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