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 Leading HR is hard and there’s nothing anyone can say or do to change that. But we can help share the load.

HR professionals can make or break the future of their companies. We build culture. We hire top talent and we develop the next generation of leaders. When HR is running smoothly, the entire organization wins.

 We know that you want to be a difference maker for your organization and to do that, you need the right people in your corner.  We’ve experienced firsthand the uphill battle HR professionals face.  We’ve left our offices emotionally drained as we struggled to take care of our teams.  

 It was actually these feelings that led us to form HR Masterminds. Perhaps you’ve tried to find help by attending a networking event, only to rub elbows with a hundred vendors trying to sell you on the next great thing. That won’t happen here.

 Instead, at our peer advisory boards, you’ll find HR leaders just like you, who are connecting with each other, exploring every angle of a challenge and mapping out a path to make the best choice possible. We are finally finding a safe place to open-up and our organizations are seeing results like never before. And we’d like to invite you to join us.

 Going it alone is a path that too many of us have walked. Why learn the hard way when we can learn from others? Read what our current Members are saying about their experiences…

What our members love about their peer boards

  • Ability to be completely Transparency
  • Safe Zone to talk
  • The Growth Opportunities
  • I learn from others’ success and failures
  • They challenge me to think bigger
  • What I learn from my peers as individuals
  • They get me to think differently
  • Collective We > ME
  • The honest feedback
  • Ability to be vulnerable
  • Shared experiences and knowledge
  • We solve problems and find solutions together
  • I can help problem solve
  • It makes me think deeper
  • I get solutions
  • It gives me more time to be creative
  • Power of community
  • I trust them, I value their feedback and I like them!

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Cindy Lu

 ps. There are no vendors sponsoring these mastermind round tables.

Please select package you have been per-approved for on the right and make a payment via credit card.

After you make a credit card payment, your will receive a receipt via STRIPE payment services and a separate email with a w-9 form for LLC.

If you need a physical invoice, there is a $150 surcharge for a paper invoice. Please contact Cindy Lu for paper invoice.

Having a streamlined billing process helps us keep event costs down, so thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

Cindy Lu

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