How to Win Approval for More HR Staff, Better Resources, and a Bigger Budget:

13 Tips to Change Your Luck for FREE

HR is often overlooked by Stakeholders because they see human capital not financial capital. But as an HR leader, you see how important Human capital is to the bottom line of any organization.
So how do you get business leaders to see it too? How can you craft a business case so compelling decision makers will be chomping at the bit to support you?

I’ve collected and summarized 13 Tips from HBR’s Guide to Building Your Business Case. These tips are sure to turn your idea into a winning proposal. Get my Free summary guide and easy to follow worksheet today. Learn how to:


  •  Get key decision makers in your corner before you even present to the committee
  •  Organize your presentation to lead stakeholders through psychological triggers that lead to “Yes!”
  •  Address project risks that minimize their impact without sounding like you’re hiding something
  •  Define ROI from multiple angles so you can highlight and emphasize benefits
  •  Develop a cross functional team that builds buy-in throughout the company

  And MORE!

Are you ready to get approved for more staff and a bigger budget?

HR leaders:  Are you ready to get approved for more staff, resources and a bigger budget?


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Are you ready to get approved for more staff, resources and budgets?

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