The Future of Work: Shelly Holt, VP L&D, Expedia Group

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

Join me to hear from Shelly Holt, VP of L&D at Expedia Group to learn about the Future of Work, and how the changes lead the way for new opportunities for Human Resources to really make an impact on the business.

Shelly shares that as the world is changing it requires a new set of experiences, and makes it an exciting time for HR professionals everywhere. The first step of adapting to these new changes is getting HR executives to pay attention to this topic, so that HR as a whole can be equipped to succeed in the Future of Work. Digital disruption continues to play a large role in what the Future of Work will look like, innovation is happening fast. While that can be scary to some, Shelly explains that no business is ahead anymore. Everyone is learning to adapt with the fast paced innovation. Shelly also gives insight into what this innovation means for startup businesses. Click above to watch the full VLOG interview.   (If you prefer to read the interview, see the...

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Technology Fallacy: How People are the Real Key to Digital Transformation Summary

Uncategorized May 29, 2019

Cindy Lu summarizes Digital Transformation webinar Coming of the Digital Age from a webinar by MIT Sloan and Professor Gerald Kane, Boston College.

 Source: Webinar - How Do You Lead Digital Transformation?

Runtime 1:00:49

Based on book:  Digital Fallacy - People are the Real Key to Digital Transformation


Cindy Lu

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Transcription below by

Hi there. This is Cindy Lu, founder of HR Mastermind Peer Advisory Boards. You know, recently I've been doing a ton of research and watching a...

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Employee Experience Survey Results with our Intern Emma Lokar

Uncategorized May 21, 2019

Summary of Vlog Post by Emma Lokar, HR Intern (Looking for a Summer 2019 Internship)

Future of Work, What Will it Look Like? Emma Lokar, HR Intern

The Future According to Research:

As an intern for CHRO Partners, Emma Lokar, looked into what the workplace will be like as new technology emerges. Many are wondering what it will look like, and how it will affect jobs as we know them today. Emma shares what she found interesting about the research and her personal opinion from her unique perspective coming into the workforce for the first time.

Many speculate that Artificial Intelligence is on the verge of taking over and taking jobs from people as result. While this technology is on its way it will only enhance the jobs that people are doing. It will have the ability to do the jobs most people do not want to do. Such as the tactical sides of business. This will allow people to focus more on big picture, strategy, and making things better. With this being said

People will have to change...

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Aligning Culture to Strategy: Deslyn Norris, CHRO, Top Golf (Prior)

Uncategorized May 20, 2019

Summary of Vlog Post by Emma Lokar, HR Intern

Aligning Culture to Strategy: Deslyn Norris, CHRO, Top Golf (Prior)

Growing Culture in a Growing Organization
With an education background in Industrial Organizational Psychology and an MBA, Deslyn has spent over twenty years in the HR space. Deslyn is incredibly passionate about the proactive side of HR such as: Leadership Development, Culture, Engagement, scaling and growing a team very quickly, and it all begins with a strong culture within a company. When Deslyn joined Top Golf there were 900 employees, and when she left there were 1,800 employees, she shares “through all of that growth the company is always focused on culture”.

The Fun vs. The Culture
In many organizations it is common for culture to be mistaken for perks. A lot of times you hear leaders talking about “How do you save company culture?”, and HR is viewed as the keeper of culture. Leaders are focusing on the perks such as skateboarding...

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3 Must-Have Soft Skills for CHROs: Dave Pace, CEO Jamba Juice (prior) and CHRO (Starbucks)

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2019

Summary of Guest Speaker by Emma Lokar, HR Intern

3 Must-Have Soft Skills for CHROs: Dave Pace, CEO Jamba Juice (prior) and CHRO (Starbucks)

Soft Skills
Dave Pace  shares his advice on the three soft skills you need to have to be a successful CHRO, and how to develop these skills to maximize your potential as strong HR leaders. Pace has the unique perspective of switching from the HR space into a CEO role after being in HR for most of his career, and shares a few tips for making that jump.

Business Acumen
Really understanding the nature and rhythm of the business you operate in is an essential skill for HR:
• What drives that business?
• What drives its strategy?
• What drives it profitability?
• What drives goals and objectives of the overall business?

HR leaders underestimate the amount of operating knowledge they gain through osmosis. You don’t have to get an MBA, work on Wall Street in finance, or for a big consumer brand in marketing. By just being in...

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5 Tips to Prepare for Human Capital Analytics Even if you Aren't Good with Numbers!

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2019

Summary of Guest Speaker by Emma Lokar, HR Intern (Looking for a Summer 2019 Internship) 

5 Tips to Prepare for Human Capital Analytics: Chris Brunson, Celanese, VP Global Total Rewards

Story Telling of Data
Chris Brunson is the VP of Global Total Rewards at Celanese a $6.1 Billion global technology leader in the production of differentiated chemistry solutions and specialty materials used in most major industries and consumer applications. Brunson has extensive experience in Human Capital analytics in Human Resources with  different sized companies in several different industries.

Chris shared his Five Tips to Prepare your Company for the New Age of Human Capital: How to handle your data, manage your data, and hire for your data...even when you are not good with numbers! Good analytics tells a story. The insights an organization receives from analytics gives the business actionable items to accomplish.

Five Steps
In today’s climate human capital analytics has the...

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Guest Vlogger, Denise Johnson, Talent & Leadership Development Leader on Building a Business Case to get your projects approved!

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019


Summary of Vlog Post by Emma Lokar, HR Intern (Ready for her Summer 2019 Internship)

Denise Johnson, Talent and Leadership Development:
Building and Business Case to Get your Projects Approved

Building a Business Case in HR:
With over 15 years of experience in Talent Development, Learning, OD, and Leadership Development in several different sized companies Denise Johnson has learned the how to get your project or program approved. In many organizations Human Resources can be thought of as a cost center, and this can make it hard to get approval for programs and initiatives you are driving. Denise walks through how her Leadership Development Program got approved, and her advice for others working through similar obstacles.

You Only Have to Start One Time:
Denise explains it is all about business impact when trying to receive approval for a new project. HR can be looked at as a cost center, because they do not do a good enough job linking the work of HR to what is going to...

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Guest Vlogger, Sherry Vidal-Brown, CHRO at G6 on Connecting your Employees to your Org. Purpose

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2019

Summary of Vlog Post by Emma Lokar, HR Intern (Ready for her summer 2019 internship)

Sherry Vidal-Brown, CHRO and Chief Communications Officer, G6 Hospitality:
How to Tie Employees to Company’s Purpose

Changes in Organizations Leadership:
As a psychologist, and G6 Hospitality’s CHRO, Sherry Brown, has a passion for helping people achieve more than they thought they ever could. Brown does this through her role, coaching, and helping businesses align people to achieve both personally and professionally. Often when leadership changes, and a new CEO is put in place employees are left questioning “is the direction changing?”, “are we still offering the same services?”, and “what does that look like?”. Upon the arrival of a new CEO, Sherry’s role as CHRO was extended to public relations for the company. The question became:

“What do we need to communicate and engage our employees in a way that is different and delivers what we are...

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Guest Vlogger, Whitney Shelley, On personal balance, the many hats of CHROs and so much more!

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2018

Join me to hear from Whitney Shelley on CHRO on personal balance, the many hats of CHROs and so much more!. Enjoy! 

All my best,

Cindy Lu


Ps. Could joining an HR Mastermind group help bring out the best in you? Book a call to learn more here:



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Guest Vlogger, Michelle Rand, VP HR Americas Hitachi - Taking your seat at the table!

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2018

Summary of Vlog Post by Emma Lokar HR Intern (Ready for her Summer 2019 Internship)

Taking Your Seat at The Table: Michelle Rand, VP HR America’s Region & Global Pre-sales at Hitachi Vantara

A Seat in the Boardroom is Not Guaranteed:
Recently HR has paved their way into “the room” as essential players in companies’ strategies, and overall business impact. However, HR can still be thought of “Yes-men”, personnel that files paperwork, and ensures sure job levels are correct. In several organizations Human Resources does not have their place in the Boardroom.

After starting a new job with a new company Michelle learned that not all companies see the impact Human Resources can have on the business through having a “seat at the table”. After earning her seat at a previous company this was a challenge Michelle did not know she would have to face.

Michelle gives us her advice and take on how HR can demonstrate their value to the business...

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