CHRO Experience: Deslyn Norris, CHRO, Top Golf (Prior)

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2019
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Disruption and what HR Can do about it: Charlene Li, Author, Speaker, & Board Member, Altimeter

strategic Jul 21, 2019

Summary by Emma Lokar

Disruption and What HR Can do About it: Charlene Li, Author, Speaker, & Board Member, Altimeter

Join me to hear from Charlene Li and author and expert in Digital Transformation to learn about disruption and what HR can do about it. Charlene is often asked “How do you actually thrive with disruption?”.  There are three elements of successful disruption: strategy, leadership, and culture. Strategy are those things that you can do and the things you won’t do. In business you cannot accomplish everything. Li explains that companies need to learn to set aside the things that are urgent and focus on the important things for the future. Leaders need to focus less on “putting out fires” and focus more on training their teams on how to do it on their own.

Through all of these elements Charlene shares that “the technology is there to help you accomplish whatever it is you want to do. To handle disruption, it is essential for...

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Taking your seat at the table: Michelle Rand, VP HR Americas Hitachi

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2019

Summary of Vlog Post by Emma Lokar HR Intern (Ready for her Summer 2019 Internship)

Taking Your Seat at The Table: Michelle Rand, VP HR America’s Region & Global Pre-sales at Hitachi Vantara

A Seat table is Not Guaranteed:
Recently HR has paved their way into “the room” as essential players in companies’ strategies, and overall business impact. However, HR can still be thought of “Yes-men”, personnel that files paperwork, and ensures sure job levels are correct. In several organizations Human Resources does not have their place in the Boardroom.

After starting a new job with a new company Michelle learned that not all companies see the impact Human Resources can have on the business through having a “seat at the table”. After earning her seat at a previous company this was a challenge Michelle did not know she would have to face.

Michelle gives us her advice and take on how HR can demonstrate their value to the business as a whole...

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Economic Trends HR Executives Need to Pay Attention to and Why: Taylor St. Germain, Analyst, ITR Economics

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2019


Summary by Emma Lokar

 Economic Trends HR Executives Need to Pay Attention to and Why: Taylor St. Germain, Analyst, ITR Economics

Join me to hear from Taylor St. Germain, Analyst at ITR Economics, to learn about the economic trends HR Executives need to pay attention to and why they are important. Taylor works as an analyst for the Institute of Trend Research, and they hold themselves to a high degree of accuracy. A trend Taylor speaks to is the growing economy. It has been growing quickly, but ITR expects it to slow down. There are large implications to an economic slowdown and shares the factors that compress a business’s margins. Taylor dives into how HR can use these trends to benefit their businesses.

With all these variables affecting the economy St. Germain explains that it is vital for organizations to invest in leadership and make sure that leaders are focused on retaining employees. Taylor elaborates on specific industries these economic trends will...

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HR's Role in Digital Transformation - "Cliff Notes" on Charlene Li's LinkedIn Learning Course - 10 minutes

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2019

 By Emma Lokar

Watch my summary on Charlene Li’s, LinkedIn learning course, “HR's Role in Digital Transformation”. Charlene Li will be speaking at this year’s BigHR Event.  Throughout the learning course, Charlene explains why it is important for HR to not only have a “Seat at the Table”, but why HR needs a seat at the “Digital Table”. Human Resources utilizes technology everyday through the abundance of HR systems and platforms. They should be on the ground for any issues that may arise, and helping to transform the technology for employees.

Charlene also explains with the digital transformation on the horizon for all businesses HR plays a critical role in the employee experience and digital facing entities. If HR is not having the conversation about Digital Transformation then NO ONE is. HR’s presence in the digital space expands across all functions of HR; such as, Learning and Development, Recruiting, and Project...

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Building a Successful Wellness Program: Eddie Hightower, SVP Teammate Services, Caliber Collision

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2019

Join me to hear from Eddie Hightower, SVP of Teammate Services at Caliber Collision to learn about How to Build a Successful Wellness Program, how it impacted Eddie and Caliber Collision’s workforce, what it can teach your organization about wellness, and how it can positively change your employees life inside and outside the office.

Eddie explains that it began simply with “Eat what you love and lose weight” and the entire program is self-reporting. It enabled him to not only to a lot more things than before, but overall led him to have a more healthful approach to life and generally feel better. The program broke down myths about what makes a healthy meal and what does not. The results of initiating the program at Caliber Collision is outstanding; employees and their families continue to lose weight and learn to live healthier lives. Click above to watch the full VLOG interview.   (If you prefer to read the interview, see the transcript...

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Why Predictive Analytics Are More Important Than Ever: Sean Huurman, CHRO Service King

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2019

Join me to hear from Sean Huurman the CHRO of Service King to learn about the importance of predictive analytics,  how the reporting tool can take businesses and Human Resources to the next level. Sean explains predictive analytics can help answer the questions we have been struggling with for years.

Sean shares that predictive analytics allows you to dive into data and look at what it is telling you in terms of attrition, employee engagement, and culture. What that data is showing you is key especially with advances in technology. It helps you to craft programs that benefits your employees based on the individual and help your company retain employees. Sean also gives insight to how HR is more like Marketing. Employees should be treated like your customers, and analytics is a large part of how Marketing departments run.  Click above to watch the full VLOG interview.   (If you prefer to read the interview, see the transcript below.)



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The Future of Work: Shelly Holt, VP L&D, Expedia Group

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

Join me to hear from Shelly Holt, VP of L&D at Expedia Group to learn about the Future of Work, and how the changes lead the way for new opportunities for Human Resources to really make an impact on the business.

Shelly shares that as the world is changing it requires a new set of experiences, and makes it an exciting time for HR professionals everywhere. The first step of adapting to these new changes is getting HR executives to pay attention to this topic, so that HR as a whole can be equipped to succeed in the Future of Work. Digital disruption continues to play a large role in what the Future of Work will look like, innovation is happening fast. While that can be scary to some, Shelly explains that no business is ahead anymore. Everyone is learning to adapt with the fast paced innovation. Shelly also gives insight into what this innovation means for startup businesses. Click above to watch the full VLOG interview.   (If you prefer to read the interview, see the...

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Technology Fallacy: How People are the Real Key to Digital Transformation Summary

Uncategorized May 29, 2019

Cindy Lu summarizes Digital Transformation webinar Coming of the Digital Age from a webinar by MIT Sloan and Professor Gerald Kane, Boston College.

 Source: Webinar - How Do You Lead Digital Transformation?

Runtime 1:00:49

Based on book:  Digital Fallacy - People are the Real Key to Digital Transformation


Cindy Lu

P.S. I wanted to let you know that we are opening enrollment for our DFW HR mastermind groups from now until early July.  If you or someone on your team (Corporate HR Director level and above and has direct reports) would like to learn more about our HR peer advisory boards, please click on my calendar link below to schedule a zoom video call with me:


Transcription below by

Hi there. This is Cindy Lu, founder of HR Mastermind Peer Advisory Boards. You know, recently I've been doing a ton of research and watching a...

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Employee Experience Survey Results: Emma Lokar, Talent & Organization Enablement Intern, McAfee

Uncategorized May 21, 2019

Summary of Vlog Post by Emma Lokar, HR Intern (Looking for a Summer 2019 Internship)

Future of Work, What Will it Look Like? Emma Lokar, HR Intern

The Future According to Research:

As an intern for CHRO Partners, Emma Lokar, looked into what the workplace will be like as new technology emerges. Many are wondering what it will look like, and how it will affect jobs as we know them today. Emma shares what she found interesting about the research and her personal opinion from her unique perspective coming into the workforce for the first time.

Many speculate that Artificial Intelligence is on the verge of taking over and taking jobs from people as result. While this technology is on its way it will only enhance the jobs that people are doing. It will have the ability to do the jobs most people do not want to do. Such as the tactical sides of business. This will allow people to focus more on big picture, strategy, and making things better. With this being said

People will have to change...

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