Peer Supported Solution For HR Professionals Needing More Staff, Resources, and Budget.


Discover How Access to HR Experts and Peer Support Can Help You Turn Current Stressors into Ongoing Solutions

If you are an HR Manager, Director, VP, CHRO or CPO… then you have surely faced the frustration of:

          …being understaffed and short on resources

          …dealing with unpredictable employee relations issues

          …lacking budget dollars to streamline the tactical

          …being viewed as an administrative function

          …getting bogged down with tactics

          …always juggling a thousand priorities, fire drills and feeling depleted

          ...always being the “barber’s child” and last to get personal development

These challenges have become so common for HR Professionals that they are being accepted as the norm. They are an infection that deflates the greatest of minds and hinders long lasting success for the companies we support.

That’s why I’ve been working hard for several years to find the remedy. In that time, I’ve discovered the best way to help you benefit from:

          ...the knowledge and experiences of like-minded HR leaders who have figured out how to do more with limited resources

          ...the roadmap on how to get a bigger budget for more staff and resources

          ….the opportunity to build your business acumen by hearing from Executives outside the industry

          ...the confidence that comes from asking the right questions and getting strong, unbiased advice

          ...the atmosphere of safety that lets you be vulnerable with your challenges

          ...the opportunity to exercise your critical & strategic thinking skills by helping one another

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I Felt Selfish… Until I Saw the Time and Money it Saved the Company

I was struggling.

I was facing a 50% turnover in our delivery staff and we were missing our gross profit targets. Trying to find answers on my own wasn’t working. Reading biased advice from vendors just trying to pitch their products was draining.

I knew I couldn’t keep doing the same thing and hope for a different result. So, I created my first personal advisory board with strategic Human Capital leaders. I went into this group feeling guilty that I was spending money on myself. I kept waiting for that first big win to hedge my feelings of selfishness.

I didn’t have to wait long. I shared with my Advisory Board the challenges I was facing with high turnover and missing the gross profit targets.

They took one look at my exit interview data, asked some powerful questions and then advised me to dedicate more resources to implement a career pathing program.

I didn’t think we needed it. In fact, I resisted and tried to point the conversation in a different direction. But the group nudged gently.  So, my team implemented the program.

After a short 9 months our turnover dropped from 50% to just 10% and our gross profit margins went from 37% up to 46%!  

The company board was highly impressed. They were sold on the value of good talent management. And our Human Capital team became the latest rock stars!

I was sold on the value of having my own personal advisory board. It turned out to be one of the smartest things I ever did, and I had to share what was discovered.

I felt compelled to show HR professionals how to connect with each other and find solutions to become more strategic and get their own seat at the table.

The Proven Method for Getting All the Answers HR Professionals Need

I became driven to help other HR Professionals build their “tribe” or network of peers after seeing how impactful a simple Human Capital strategy was for our business. It began with HR Mastermind Advisory Boards. We developed best practices for connecting, communicating, and coordinating these Masterminds.

Those best practices have produced priceless results for the Mastermind members.

We all know sometimes we have to slow down to speed up, but not everyone has an organization supportive of time out of the office.

And many of you expressed an interest in joining the Masterminds but couldn’t get financial support from your organization even though the ROI is easily justified through saved consulting fees and better decisions.

The results from our Masterminds spoke for themselves… but for too many, your companies either couldn’t or wouldn’t support you.

It was clear that everyone needed what I was offering but the Mastermind was too great of a leap at the time. Some decision makers needed a “first step.” And I get that. Sometimes change requires showing we can walk before others trust us to run.
So, I broke it all down to the 3 key targets that needed to be met:

1.    Provide a way for more HR Professionals to get exclusive access to their peers, so they can build relationships, get unbiased advice, and find better solutions faster.
2.    Make that path more cost effective to give everyone who wants to invest in their development that opportunity whether the company supports them financially or not.

3.    Support HR Professionals in gaining the skills and track record necessary to earn an invitation into a Mastermind while receiving company support to do so.

Then, I talked to lots of my advisors... and, finally, we came up with HR Circle.

My advisors helped me see technology made it possible for us to gather as a large group, then split into smaller groups for more intimate discussions. This meant we could combine the cost effectiveness of peer group coaching with intimate discussions similar to the Masterminds.

More and more HR professionals across the country were asking for a Mastermind type of interaction… HR Circle solves that.

You wanted to build relationships with HR professionals on a national level for more diverse thinking and benchmarking… HR Circle solves that.

You wanted a type of exclusive access to your peers… and HR Circle solves that too.

What HR Circle is Really About

Imagine you have just taken over a new function or project. Seriously, pause and imagine that… it shouldn’t be too hard since something new has likely been put on your plate in the last few days.

So, imagine (or remember) that you’ve just taken over a new function or project. You scour the internet for white papers on the subject. You call all your service providers for guidance… but all they really give you is information trying to convince you to buy their product.

You feel the frustration rising in your chest and the weight bearing down on your shoulders.

But then you remember your HR Circle has its monthly meeting tomorrow. You decide to discuss your challenge during breakout sessions.  You begin to share, and your group asks questions and helps you discover answers.

As you process the information through the rest of the day you pause to smile and exhale. You realize that investing the time into your HR Circle prevented days, even weeks, of effort trying to process the solution on your own.

You realize this one session just saved you time, money, heartache, and even saved you from hiring a consultant. Which then makes you think... maybe you can use that budget to hire a new team member!

And your smile grows bigger as you continue to move forward on your path of success.

What You Get in HR Circle:

  • Each member of HR Circle will get:
    • Immediate access to the member’s site.
    • Discover the first lesson that sets the stage. It focuses on the high-level success path from responsive relationship manager to strategic executive advisor. And it will help you find out where you are on that path.
  • Access to expert videos the first week of each month
    • Learn from expert CHROs or COE (Centers of Excellence) instructors to discover how to build skills of influence.
    • Simple frameworks that can help you get more staff, more resources and more budget to support those who count on you.
      (Please note you will only have access to these lessons while you are a member).
    • Here are examples of past event speakers:

What You Get in HR Circle (continued...)

  •  Monthly video conference calls
    • A safe place for you to meet other HR leaders from across the country while in the comfort of your office
    • The first 30 minutes are to share success stories related to the lesson for the month
    • The last 60 minutes of the call will move into small breakout groups where you can discuss your specific challenges and possible solutions 
  • Connect through an exclusive online portal for issues that arise in-between meetings so you can get your answers in real time

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"It's really been impactful for us as members to be able to share that comradery and really create that larger network just beyond kind of your internal network sometimes. HR, in particular, is a sort of sacred space and you can't share very widely. Next to the CEO, the CPO could be called the next loneliest role because you just have to be so private about so many things. So, to be able to create this bond and to learn from others is just fantastic."

Tara Wolfla
Director of HR Business Partners, TDIndustries

"It has been a tremendous journey for me to be part of an exquisite group of CHRO leaders. And I've taken away actually some great experiences on mergers and acquisitions, key leadership tips on the board room, and diversity on especially women on the board. Those are some of the key things that just come top of mind. But it's been a great investment for me…"

Felicia Taylor
Vice President, Global Human Resources and M&A, RealPage, Inc.

"Our knowledge base really expands when we get to know externally what others are doing. It helps our associates. It helps us as a company because we get best practices from what others are doing. And we take that knowledge and we incorporate that into a lot of the things that we're trying to do. So, that's really been a great takeaway."

Calvin Hilton, CHRO
CHRO, Alliance Data

"It's helped me in a number of ways. Number one, there's rich content, always interesting topics each time. There's what we call the hot seat where I can bring in and talk to a group of peers about challenges … and they can offer their advice. And it's the network. It's really a gift that I've given to myself…"

Debbie Dennis
Chief Customer & HR Officer, Oncor Electric Delivery

"Being in a group with peers where I have the opportunity to exchange ideas, get some advice, and really take some risks and bounce some things off other experienced folks, especially in that non-attribution environment. It’s been outstanding for me."

Mike Dixon
SVP, Global Learning & Org. Development, Epsilon

"(My peer group) has played a role in my success in helping me expand my knowledge in taking on a new department…And I'd say just having that network and getting some of the ideas provided some immediate relief for me and have made me more successful this past year."

Amy Brashear
Senior Director Human Resources, HMS

"It’s lonely being in that air traffic tower (CHRO) but I know I am not alone because there are others going through the same thing…It’s a lifeline and how I stay hydrated! "

Marion C. Terrell
CHRO and SVP HR, Flagship Facility Services,

"It’s really professionally and personally helped me to think very differently. I think much more strategically and bigger picture. … Being able to really feel confident and having a voice and a seat at the table are just a couple of ways that it's really helped me personally and professionally"

Terry Snodgrass
Director of Team Member & Guest Experience, Brinker International

What's the guarantee?

You deserve to feel confident as you make this decision for yourself and even for the team members you bring with you.

So, here are my guarantees to you

  • I guarantee an environment FREE of vendors to create a safe, supported network of HR professionals working to help you reach that next level – whatever that is - even if you are already heading up HR
  • I guarantee you’ll have an HR family to turn to for unbiased advice
  • I guarantee you will have a strategic power hour to refuel each month like you deserve
  • I guarantee you can take solutions that are well vetted back to the office after getting a diverse group’s advice

If, for some reason, you feel I have not met my guarantees, then you won’t be trapped with a long-term contract. This is a month to month commitment, and you can simply walk away

But I don’t think that’s going to happen. I believe you will see the benefits and the opportunity… the relief and the fellowship… you will see the transformation that comes from a united group of HR professionals focused on strategic development and speaking to your needs


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All of This is Ready for You

 I want you to be crystal clear on what you’re getting when you become a Founding Member of my HR Circle.

 You’ll receive:

  • Immediate access to the member’s site to discover instant benefit from the first lesson focused on the high-level success path
  • Access to expert videos the first week of each month.
  • Monthly video conference calls that give you a safe, vendor free environment to discuss your specific challenges and possible solutions
  • Connection through an exclusive portal for issues that arise in-between meetings to get your answers in real time.

But you must register today. The opportunity to be a part of this initial nationwide group might not last long.

After that, the table is full.

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Decision Time

It’s been said that in your moments of decision your destiny is shaped.

What will you decide to do right now... will you do the same thing you’ve been doing so you get the same old results?
Or will you decide to change your results for the better by joining HR Circle?

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Any Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions By Your Fellow Members

The regular group will meet the 3rd Friday of each month on Zoom starting at 11:30 am CST and meet for 1 ½ hours.

This program is for any HR leader looking to do more for those who count on them. Because of that, they know building their influence skills are critical. The content is most relevant for those in leadership or soon to be in leadership roles. HRBP, HR Managers Directors, VP, CHRO/CPO of any size organization. It’s not so much about title but more about HR professionals who are ready to make change happen and are not afraid to put themselves out there. We can have a diverse group of levels and company sizes because in some meetings we will have specific breakout groups. Please note: This group is not for vendors.

That is entirely up to you. Most of our members’ companies pay for their employee membership, but we have worked hard to make this affordable even if your company won’t reimburse you. If you’re worried about price, then becoming a Founding Member will be even more important so you can lock in the lowest possible price.

Yes, see the annual recurring membership option at checkout (12 months for the price of 11!).

It’s hard to say. Most likely the rates will go up during the next enrollment period.

Each city that gets 100 members will get their own “wine and wisdom” party so they can meet face to face on an annual basis.

You will need a computer, laptop or tablet and a free Zoom account. You will need to download the Zoom app if you are using a tablet or mobile device. If you want to be assigned for breakout groups in the future, then register for a free Zoom account here. A good headset or mic is also helpful but not necessary. Because this is a safe environment, we will not allow calling in via phone only as we won’t be able to verify that you are a member and we want to ensure a vendor free zone.

Pre-recorded lessons from Senior HR leaders on strategic HR topics to help you get that seat at the table or to keep your seat. These will be in video and audio format for your convenience as we know your day-time hours can be overwhelming. You can listen to them on your ride home from work, on a walk, or after the kiddos are down.

30 minutes of discussion about the lesson topic and to share success stories with all participants. Then we breakout into small groups of 10-12 for 60 minutes to share wins, challenges, and solutions.

We have a private on-line community with all HR Circle groups combined where you may discuss situations that come up in-between meetings.

This is a new program we created so more HR leaders can become connected.  The Mastermind program is an annual $5000 investment with a small group and no competitors. Masterminds meet in person and on Zoom as well and the HR Circle meetings are all on Zoom. Masterminds have intimate in person “C” suite fireside chats and VIP sessions at the BigHR events and for HR Circles we have pre-recorded C-suite speakers. In the Mastermind program you must be sponsored by your company. Remember, HR Circle acts as a “first step.” Then, when the time is right, and you have shown a commitment to participate in your HR Circle, you may receive an invitation to advance to the HR Masterminds. SEE comparison Chart below.


Absolutely. Try Cindy Lu at 972-265-9630 or book a meeting with me on Zoom by using my calendar link:


Join today for $43 a month. No long-term commitments.

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I am so excited to welcome you into HR Circle.


Join today for only $43 a month with no long-term commitment or invest in a annual membership and get 12 months for the price of 11 months.


Register before all seats are taken (limit 300)

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So What is the HR Circle Founding Member price?

What is the monthly investment required to help you achieve your HR goals, develop your skill set, and connect with other leaders that can share proven strategies?

$43 a month. That’s it.

One more thing.... I’m only taking 300 Members in this group. That’s not a ploy or a gimmick. It’s legit.

So that’s the cap. The first 300 that sign up at the discounted price of $43 per month are in.

It happens each year with my HR Mastermind Advisory Boards.

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