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After facilitating hundreds of HR Mastermind discussions; running 3 fast growth consulting firms, and developing 100s of my staff into strategic advisors...

I uncovered the secrets behind how HR leaders with limited staff, resources, and budgets can still manage to elevate the HR functions reputation.

But first…

For decades HR functions have been fighting to be seen as strategic business partners with a seat at the table.

Yet, even today, the primary focus of continuing education is mostly on improving the technical competencies of HR… leaving your HR team to figure out the strategic and softer skills on your own.


Maybe it is because HR “experts/consultants” decided it takes years of data, six-figure investments, and the total buy-in of the top brass to change HR into Strategic Business Partners.

In other words, the old way says you either have the budget, time, and staff size to take the leap from tactical HR to full-blown strategic!… or you stay stuck on the tactical treadmill.

But what if there was a middle ground? What if you could get the same type of seat at the table as the most strategic HR teams … without the large budget and massive staff?

There needs to be a middle ground. There needs to be a way for HR teams of all sizes to get the same qualitative results.

Otherwise, the status quo of HR overwhelm continues.

Besides being overwhelmed, other challenges of the HR profession include:

  • Being a strategic HR Partner feels like it can take years because you need data and to get data you need tech and to get tech you need process improvements and so on...
  • It’s like the chicken or the egg - what comes first. If you don’t show your HR function as true business partners, you’ll likely never get the budget resources and staff needed to deliver strategic talent solutions. 
  • Many HR partners are bogged down with tactical work and the reality is there is a fair amount of work that is going to be tactical
  • So many non-HR leaders haven’t worked with strategic HR in the past so they don’t know what they don’t know
  • HR doesn't have the budget for strategic talent initiatives and it takes a while to build a business case
  • Not every HR function is large enough to have a whole separate shared services function to handle operational HR tasks
  • Business leaders still have to solve their challenges and when friction and external consultants cross, you get rogue “shadow spend” out of business unit budgets and HR becomes just the “gatekeeper” vs curator of solutions

As CHROs and CPOs, you also know that to attract and retain the best and brightest on your team… the individuals that can lift the reputation and success of HR... requires that you invest in them.

That you make sure they are set up for success and doing valuable work. 

That they have the right connections and network inside and outside the firm.

And that you teach them how to elevate themselves.

If you are thinking… “Cindy Lu - you are reading my mind!”

It is because I have heard it all from thousands of HR leaders.

In the last five years of running HR Mastermind groups, I discovered the skills that separate HR leaders with a reputation as problem solvers from those stuck on the tactical treadmill.

I took the core skills gleaned from years of HR Mastermind groups and compared them with my first-hand knowledge from personally training hundreds of my own staff into consultative leaders. 

It became clear how HR Leaders drove change for internal clients and grew to be the go-to resources for strategic advice.

After more validation from my most successful HR Mastermind members, I compiled everything into a new framework that doesn’t take years of gathering data and huge HR teams.

This new framework is so simple and effective, it can be taught over lunch and produce results that afternoon.

And it starts with one core discovery.

Here’s what we discovered…

Every HR team, including yours, holds the pieces of what they need.

The problem is being a strategic HR Advisor can take years because you need data and to get data you need tech and to get tech you need process improvements and on and on.

Is it any wonder HR teams are not yet performing at the highest level when the marketplace designs frameworks that take an army of management consultants to implement? And CHROs have not had access to a simple framework?

Now, you may be wondering how every HR team can hold the pieces of what they need.

So let me show you by asking 3 simple questions:

  1. Can members of your team ask questions?
  2. Does your team genuinely want to help their internal clients?
  3. Does your team have a progressive leader? (I’ll answer this one… yes, they have you...especially if you are still reading).

If you answered yes to those 3 questions, then your team has the core of what it takes to elevate the reputation of the HR function to being consultative… even if the work is mostly tactical.

Becoming consultative is the missing link.

Becoming consultative is how HR bridges the gap between order-taker and go-to advisor.

And all that’s needed is a simple, proven framework to draw out that core, to develop those skills, and position your HR team as consultative geniuses.

In case there’s any doubt, let me be perfectly clear:

This is not another course on how to be a “strategic HRBP.” There are plenty of those in the market and we already know those can take too long to upskill your team for success. 

This is a simple, proven framework on how to instantly help your team elevate the image of HR by being a consultative advisor NOW— even if the work they are doing is mostly tactical. 

Tell me more!

Who’s Behind this Breakthrough Discovery?

I’m Cindy Lu, Founder of CHRO Partners. I’ve been called “Mama bear of HR”.

I have developed hundreds of my past employees to use consultative skills to help clients achieve their strategic business goals. And now I am bringing this framework to CHROs across the country to share with their own teams!

My mission is to create opportunities for HR leaders to transition their teams from supportive service providers to highly confident and consultative business advisors.

Ready to guide your team to consultative genius status with simplicity?!

Perfect for CHROs, CPOs, CoE leaders, Head of HR B.U., VPs of HR + Anyone with an HR staff who wants to help them become more confident consultative business leaders

  • Stop worrying that your team isn’t getting the development they need from you
  • Avoid long drawn out conferences that don’t show measurable improvement
  • Discover how to easily customize our framework and deliver it next week to your team
  • Leverage our proven framework to elevate your team’s status
  • Enhance your team’s latent skills and get everyone on the same page
  • Watch their confidence increase with senior execs as they apply this simple approach with your guidance

Leverage the 4C Framework so you and your team can have…

  1. Repeatable processes that get everyone on the HR team “going to market” in the same way (warning: the sales VP will want your team to join hers!)

  2. The #1 step by step system to find and create solutions for better business outcomes

  3. Confidence they are adding value to every interaction with an executive

  4. A playbook for how to elevate their status and the reputation of the HR function even if the work is tactical

Tell Me More

What is the proven method behind the 4C Framework?

This is the same consultative framework taught to and tested by hundreds of staff I trained.


Order Taker vs. Advisor

The Challenge: Guiding your staff to understand the deeper differences between “order taker” and consultative advisor. And helping them see the importance of the why and the how of consultative selling as an HR leader.


  • What skill your team needs to master to be a confident advisor with their internal clients.
  • Why it is critical to develop this skill. 
  • The surprising results when used well.
  • The consequences when not done well.

Building “Business Rapport” with Internal Clients

The Challenge: Many non-HR leaders want HR professionals to stay in their own lane. They are not sure why HR needs to ask about how the business works. And even if they do understand why, many still don’t leverage HR like they are true business partners. Not like they might with a management consulting firm.


  • How to prepare for internal client meetings and clearly map out the right goals. 
  • How to use business rapport to change the nature of the relationship to a peer-to-peer level - even if your team isn’t at the executive level. 
  • How to balance listening, guiding, teaching, and challenging to get the most out of any interaction.

Know the Solutions You Can Offer Internal Clients

The Challenge: Understanding all the available solutions in HR to solve both internal clients’ problems. Without this, it would be like a salesperson not being proficient at what benefits their products or services bring to their clients.


  • All types of talent solutions internal and external to your co.
  • How to position these talent solutions in business-speak that resonates with business leaders. 
  • How to leverage your Centers of Excellence solutions (internal or external)

Get to the Core Information of What the Internal Client Needs

The Challenge: Because those in HR have such big hearts and want to help, sometimes we are fast to recommend solutions and give advice prematurely or push HR solutions that aren’t supporting the strategic priorities. 


  • How to position the value of a “scoping” or discovery meeting.
  • What questions to ask to peel back the layers of the onion and get (collect) the “answers to the test.”
  • How to stop solving the first problem or the symptoms of a deeper challenge.
  • How to write discover documents that executives will actually read.
Yes, I Need This!

I am pleased to bring all of this information to you in the simplest of formats possible:

The Internal HR Consultants Lunch-n-Learn in a Box

If you can add your company logo to PowerPoint, then you can easily personalize this ready-to-go, interactive “train the trainer” solution.

I know that even when everything is ready to go… and things are as simple as the 4C Framework... there can still be hurdles to getting this delivered to your team.

So, I have added a few extra pre-recorded Masterclasses for additional inspiration for you…

Masterclass: With Hewlett Packard’s recent CHRO on How to be a Consultative HR leader.

Value: $549

Masterclass with COO of Vitamin Shoppe on How to Prioritize Work - Even if Your Company has too many projects.

Value: $549

Masterclass with SVP of Talent Management Epsilon on Internal Consulting so that you get Internal clients lining up at your door!

Value: $349

Yes, I Need This!

Let's recap...

The Internal HR Consultants Lunch-n-Learn in a Box includes:

  • The 4C Framework Training that helps to elevate your team to consultative advisors (Value $997)
  • Professionally designed lunch-n-learn PowerPoint slides simple to customize and adapt to your business (Value $1200)
  • The facilitator guides and worksheets designed by a professional instructional designer so you can deliver them to your team tomorrow (Value $1200)
  • How to use instructions for this “training in a box” (Value: $97)

Plus receive these bonuses (pre-recorded):

  • Masterclass with HPs CHRO (prior) on Consultative skills for CHROs (Value: $549)

  • Masterclass with Vitamin Shoppe’s COO on Prioritizing Work (Value: $549)

  • Masterclass with SVP Talent at Epsilon on Internal Consulting Skills (Value $349)

With The Internal HR Consultants Lunch-n-Learn in a Box, you get a Total Value = $ 4,941

Regular Price = $997

Today’s Price = $497

Plus - Anyone who signs up before Oct. 1st will get to attend the Q&A Info sessions LIVE on Zoom and get your questions answered live and share stories .  We will host 3 sessions after Nov 1st 2021.

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Vendors, external coaches or Consultants contact [email protected] for for licensing agreement fees. This program is for internal HR Practitioners ONLY.

What our clients say about our programs...

Jonathan Frampton, VP HR, Baylor Scott & White Health

“I would attend any event or program Cindy Lu puts on”

Marion Terrell, II, CDO, Flagship Facility Services

“Cindy- your support is amazing! Your North Star leadership has made all the difference in my life. I am humbled by your allegiance and look forward to continued collaborations. Thank you Cindy Lu!”

Kimberly Kane, Current CEO of Kane Communications and past Talent Acquisition leader at The Novo Group

“You need to know you’ve been such a source of inspiration for the work I am doing today and everything you taught me….has played a major role in our success…”

Yes, I'm ready to elevate my team

The best part is, you are completely safe to try this for your team!

You can take a full 3 weeks to explore the tools, resources, and worksheets.

Then, if you are not fully satisfied with The Internal HR Consultants Lunch-n-Learn in a Box, I will give you a 100% refund.

I am so confident in how this will benefit your team, that I am giving you enough time to prep and deliver Module 1 in three weeks and you could still get a refund if you are not fully satisfied. All I would ask is for you to give me detailed feedback on how this program didn't deliver on what we described.

I am literally taking 100% of the risk so you can be 100% safe to elevate your team.

That is how important the 4C Framework is to the HR profession, to your team.

Invest in your team today, then take the full 3 weeks to make sure The Internal HR Consultants Lunch-n-Learn in a Box is the right fit for your team.

Yes, I'm ready to elevate my team


How many times have you said, “We need to level up our HR team’s partnership skills?”

How many times have you been pulled into senior executives' meetings because your team still needed more seasoning?

When was the last time you took a vacation without your team calling you?

You can keep doing what you have been doing… and keep running into the same challenges, the same overwhelm.

Or you can choose a new path.  A path that is already outlined, formatted, and ready for you to succeed.

Will you choose the right path?

Plus you can only get access to an additional resource just for CHROs if you buy the Internal Consultants Lunch-n-Learn Series:  Our book summary and accompanying worksheet of Harvard Business Reviews: Guide to Building a Business for only $17! (Value of $997 and Regular Price of $97)

Still Not Sure?  Watch This Video...

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Are you ready to get your whole team on the same page? Are you ready to have a team confident in their consulting skills?

Your HR function is only as strong as your weakest link…

And one Lunch-n-Learn can be the difference from your staff having an average interaction with an executive… or an amazing experience where they want more!

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