Meet Cindy Lu, Founder CHRO Partners and Why She Does What She Does...


The Only HR Mastermind Group for CHROs and Centers of Excellence HR Leaders of Mid* to Large Organizations That...

Provides a Vendor-free Safe-Space to Build Trusted Peer-level Relationships

 ZERO Vendors!

Safe Space | Stay Relevant | Draft off Each Other | Diversity of Thought | Unbiased Advice

*HR Mastermind Groups are For CHROs and Their Direct Reports at Companies with more than 500 employees. If you do not yet qualify for our HR Mastermind's check out our HR Inner Circle Group for Managers and above for any size organization:


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Sr. HR Leaders Only

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"C" Suite Speakers

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Safe Space

Transforming How the World  Views HR

Shouldn't Be Done Alone

HR Leaders are at the intersection of the pandemic, political and social unrest, talent and demographic shifts, digitization, racial and gender inequities and talent shortage!  HR leaders are in the center of every strategic discussion and smart CEOs and Boards are understanding the value of the CHRO's office so we have to be able to respond quickly with well informed decision (don't let a good crisis go to waste!).

It's an opportunity but at the same time it's overwhelming on top of that because of the talent shortage, margins are getting squeezed and HR leaders need to drive value.

But, don't try and do this alone because without peers who you trust and who know you well, takes longer to solve sticky problems
...getting access to market data to influence senior execs can be challenging
...the consequences of isolation and burnout are real

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Our Members Don't Have to Worry About Knowing Where to Turn in Challenging Times

Build life-long trusted relationships with other HR leaders is a “gift to myself”

Get your own personal development while solving real problems with trusted advisors in a SAFE environment

Save time researching for new vendors, consultants and benchmarks  - "We can draft off each other"

Have the confidence you are only a connection or two away from the right advice with diversity of thought

The Benefit to your organization is that they are getting the persepective and brain power of the entire group

Leverage simple frameworks created by members and expert “C” Suite speakers to speed time to execution

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Check out What Members Say About Their Peer Groups


Stay Relevant | Keep Up with Latest Trends | Get Connected

So that you can deliver excellent human capital solutions to your organization!

Having facilitated hundreds of HR masterminds meetings, we know how many hats CHROs and senior HR function leaders have to wear. We see how HR budgets don’t always allow for deep centers of excellence yet HR leaders are expected to transform their organization while juggling the day-to-day.  

This is why we’ve spent the last 6 years connecting hundreds of HR Leaders so they can help each other solve major challenges and celebrate wins. The trust network is priceless!

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Leverage Your Time - Building A Trust Network

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1. Book a call

We will have a casual conversation about your background and goals

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2. Determine Best Group

During our call, we will determine the best group for you

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3. Join A Mastermind

Start solving challenges and building life-long relationships

What Makes HR Masterminds So Special?

At CHRO Partners we know that CHROs & senior HR function leaders want to feel confident in the strategies they bring to their organizations. In order to become that consultative advisor, you need trusted sources along with timely & tailored advice.

The Problem is, there is no shortage of white papers, webinars & seminars which makes you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

We believe there is nothing more important to helping you feel confident in your strategies than having a TRUST NETWORK of peers who understand your challenges and will give you unbiased feedback specific to your situation .

We understand HR leaders today are doing at least three jobs: 1. Business strategist; 2. Crisis of the moment counselor and 3. Employees' well-being doctor.

The ironic part is HR leaders aren’t focused on SELF-CARE which is why we created HR only peer groups to be a sounding board and to have a true SAFE-SPACE to share challenges, get advice and sometimes just vent to people who get your life.

CHRO Partners’ HR Masterminds have quickly become the one personal development activity senior HR leaders prioritize. Cindy Lu, CHRO Partners’ founder has put hundreds of HR leaders together in SAFE settings to help them solve problems unique to HR leaders. And as a result, they’re making faster, more confident decisions, saving time and avoiding career altering mistakes.

To become a HR Mastermind member: 1. Have a Zoom Clarity call with our Founder 2. Determine best Group for you & 3. Join a Mastermind Group and start solving challenges

Apply today to become a member so you can stop trying to solve challenging problems in isolation and start building relationships with a trusted peer group.

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What's Included in Your HR Mastermind Membership?

1. Six + Four Mastermind Meetings

Six 2-hour Mastermind Meetings on Zoom where we spend time solving real challenges with peer to peer coaching and advice. AND, 4 afternoon meetings at Del Frisco's Double Eagle 

2. Three Executive Fireside Chats Session and 12 HR Inner Circle Speakers

In addition to our small Group "C" suite interactive Fireside Chats for mastermind members only  we are also making 12 HR Inner Circle Speakers available to HR Mastermind members. 

3. Two S.O.S. Calls For Custom Curated Connections

Two 1:1 SOS calls with Cindy Lu for when you have a challenge you need solved ASAP and need custom curated connections to help you through quickly 

4. Facilitators Guide to up-skill Internal HR Consultative Skills

The Simple 4 Step Framework to Elevate HR's Reputation, End Frustration, and Boost Team Confidence
Professionally Designed Facilitation Guides for CHROs to...

Upskill HR Teams by Delivering Highly Interactive - Ready to Go Consultative HR Advisor Trainings  …So easy to implement you can do it over lunch hour!

5. VIP Tickets to Special Events and Pop-Up Groups

The Event for CHROs and Direct Reports to connect, share and re-energize! 

BONUS: DEI&B Strategic Plan Templates and Talent Prioritization Checklists

DEI&B is a Challenge and that is why we decided to create the DEI&B Strategic Talent Plan Templates for You to SWIPE and Make Your Own!  Professionally Written Strategic Plan Template with a sample doc and Beautifully Designed Power Point you will be proud to present to your board .

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VP and Head of HR for Supply Chain at PepsiCo

"...if you are considering joining HR Mastermind, please do. It is a wonderful opportunity to network with people outside of your company. I personally have gotten so much value, having been at one company for a really long time,"

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Chief HR Officer at YPO

"I get to be in a group with peers in a safe place with trust, (I) can bring challenges... and get ideas on how to find solutions.
They're my go-to... they've been a true resource to me, ... coming back to this group & hearing what others are doing really gave me ideas ... to take back & implement in our org..."

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Vice President of HR and M&A at RYAN LLC

"...has benefited me personally &'s you've gotten 3 to 4 different HR VPs in one...I've been able to pull upon an entire group ... who collectively make me a much better person ..."

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Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer (recently promoted from CHRO) at Flagship Facility

"HR is like being an air traffic controller and can be lonely...It's a life line and how I stay hydrated..."

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VP HRBP and Total Rewards at TDIndustries

"'s been amazing to be able to create this bond of trust and share in a safe space..."

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CHRO and Chief Customer Officer at Oncor

"There is rich content and the network...It's a gift to myself...It's one of the best things I've ever done"

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