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HR Mastermind Testimonial - Maria

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2021

Hi, I'm Maria Mercer. And I'm the vice president of human resources with Ryan LLC. The mastermind membership has helped me in my role because it's been a safe place, kind of a psychologically safe place for us to share, or for me to personally share the challenges that I'm having in my day to day role to get great feedback, and then to help me strategize on what I can do to kind of help fix those things.

So it's a place where we can sort of share and be safe in terms of like telling us what our challenges are in any given day. And that's, that's really hard when you're in a vice-president role and above, it's hard to have that safe space because you're assumed that, you know, everything that there is to know around human resources. And we all know that that's not possible.

HR masterminds has benefited me personally and Ryan, because it's almost like you've gotten three or four different HR, vice presidents in one. So it's, it's just not relying on my own personal experiences and my knowledge and my competencies. I've been able to pull upon an entire group of people who collectively make me a much better person in terms of a vice-president and, and my strategies that I do that I use to support right.

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