How to Gain access to an Instant CHRO Peer Advisory Group Without Spending Years Networking

Unite for Impact: Harness the Power of CHRO Peers


 The CHRO Role:

No Longer a Journey That Needs to be Walked Alone.


At the pinnacle of HR leadership, the air can feel thin.

It's not just about strategic decisions or immense responsibilities; it's the weight of solitude, the occasional doubt echoing louder in the absence of supportive peers, and the challenge of constant growth in an ever-evolving corporate landscape.

Amidst these feelings, there's a profound need for understanding, a space for shared aspirations and challenges, and a desire for true connection with those who genuinely 'get it'

And joining a movement that future HR Leaders will stand on.

Consider CHRO Mastermind Groups


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Unlock the CHRO Mastermind Experience

Imagine a space where you’re surrounded by like-minded CHROs, where conversations dive deep, strategies are refined, and your development isn’t an after thought—it’s a priority.


From infrequent personal development to continuous learning .


From a limited network to a robust, personal board  of CHRO peers.


The uncertainty of new vendors to confident referrals from your peers.


The sense of belonging - no more isolation with a tight-knit community.


To imposter syndrome. Welcome confidence from a true advisory board of peers.



In strategic thinking regularly, exchanging insights and learning from each other's experiences.



From learning through your own failures to benefiting from lessons learned of others.


Our Magic?

Curating high-performing CHROs for consistent masterminds. Because bringing together top-tier C-suite execs is our superpower!

Not Outgoing?

No problem! Our facilitated format is designed to foster fast friendships, making deep connections a easy.



The “vendor petting zoos." Dive into genuine interactions with "C" suite and board level speakers that expand your knowledge and network of "must know" people.


Experience deep connections in just one meeting!

Thanks to our intimate groups and carefully selected members.

Need answers or referrals? Our private community group is your instant go-to for insights and feedback.

All we ask?

Add the calendar invite, show up, share your insights, and absorb the wisdom of your peers.


Are You Ready to Embark on a New Phase of Your CHRO Journey?

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Awards won by CHRO Partners

Awards won by Cindy and the firms she has led - only because of the amazing PEOPLE!

Meet Cindy Lu, Founder and Chief Connection Officer

After over two decades of running people-centric businesses, I had to learn the lesson of how strategic HR can help grow a business the hard way. It wasn't until I got advice from some high-caliber CHROs at my last company that I truly grasped the value HR could bring to growing an organization.

Now, I see SO many CEOs who, like me, didn't get it, and I believe the HR profession needs to go through a rebranding. HR knows the value that it brings, but the C-suite underestimates the leverage and impact it can have. Boards are from another generation, and as a result, employees suffer.

I believe HR has work to do—different work, not just all the regular stuff like business acumen, people analytics, being a strategic business partner, saving money, being a change leader, blah, blah, blah...That's all table stakes

The world has changed, and so has HR, but we haven't told anyone.

And modesty is selfish. If the world doesn't know what's possible, then we aren't serving to our full potential.

Yes, individually there are things we can do; we need to believe more. We can believe HR can drive revenue, believe we can influence, believe we are worthy. But even if we can go fast individually, we can't go far.

And if we want a different future, we have to remind ourselves of the definition of insanity.

It's time to rewrite the script, and not incrementally, so that the future of work improves for our children and grandchildren.

So that great talent views HR as their shepherd, so that Nom and Gov Chairs require all members to have human capital acumen to sit on a board, and so that the C-suite understands what a powerful resource HR is.

So how do we do it? We show up for each other, especially if you HAVE mostly figured it out.

We take risks, show the world what's possible. It's never been easier to show up and be seen, even without a huge PR budget. Together, we reshape minds.

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Alone You Can Go Fast, Together We Will Go Far

Image of Hr Leader juggling

Todays HR professionals need to be apt at juggling responsibilities.

You are expected to keep everyones skills sharp, make sure you provide an amazing employee experience, be a confidant to the CEO, and SO MUCH MORE! 



  • Rely on service providers or consultants?
  • Watch another webinar?
  • Search for another certification? 

While those are ok paths to follow, the savvy HR leaders know there is a better way!

Join a group of high-level CHROs who will help you navigate the waters.

Check Out What Members Are Saying About HR Mastermind. 


Marion Terrell, II, CHRO at MINT dentistry

“The decisions that we are making affect lots of people. And so I don't take that lightly.

If I can connect with people who have seen the movie before, who have a different way of thinking about things, it is extremely critical for me to ...have access to those folks.”

Suzanne Myers, CHRO Arcosa

“I’ve been a part of Cindy's Mastermind group now coming up on three years, and it's one of the best investments that I've given to myself.

I really enjoy the colleagues that I've met over the years and the networking opportunities, but most importantly I'm just always surrounded by people with great minds and people who I can call and really lean on when I need some assistance.”

Maryam Morse, EVP HR and Communications

Andrews Distributing

"Cindy is the greatest curator of wonderful people and every conversation is an opportunity for learning and connection."


Josh Lipscomb, SVP Total Rewards, HRIS and HR Ops at Varsity Brands

“It's a space where I can speak freely in a safe environment and get input from peers for real business problems.

But also the friendships, I've been in Mastermind for several years and getting to connect about others' kids and family life is a really great outlet, but it's made me a better HR leader.”


Become Part Of An Exclusive Community Of CHRO Who Will Help You…


experience and knowledge so you can make the right calls and save time... 


challenges you might be facing  and look like a superstar in front of your CEO and board…


in discussions with seasoned CHROs that will open your eyes to time-tested tactics...


a network of C-suite and Executive-level connections that will open a whole new world of possibilities…

+PLUS spend quality time with like-minded peers who can support you in your endeavors!

Join the Community You Can Always Turn to in Challenging Times


New responsibilities and challenges can become stressful and difficult to handle. 

Why try to tackle all of these problems on your own? With CHRO Partners Group you will...


With an amazing community behind you, you will not have to waste time navigating new territories.


How to tackle some of the biggest challenges you face. You will learn how others have handled similar situations.


Vendor-Free Meetings. Share your challenges without a vendor in the room. There’s no one trying to sell you anything.


When bringing your ideas to your organization because you know it’s been vetted by highly skilled experts in your field…


Of trends with round-table discussions and uncover the best practices. Learn winning strategies from seasoned CHROs


You will be part of a trusted group so you will not make mistakes dealing with unknown situations.

Frequently Asked Questions


Within the CHRO Mastermind not only will you forge strong bonds with your peers who will provide insight and support for challenges you’re  facing.


Rebranding HR Workshops

We do the strategy; we drive results, but we need the world to recognize the full scope of our impact. We've all felt that sting from outdated boardroom views and CEOs who just don't get it. It’s high time we dismantle these archaic beliefs and showcase the modern CHRO.

Transformation Talks

Remember, no matter the goal, our CHRO Mastermind members are here to fast-track your transformation with fewer battle wounds. With actionable goals, peer group ideas and constant check-ins to celebrate our progress and push through the challenges.

Vendor-free Meetings for Safe Space Talks

 Sharing your challenges without a vendor in the room changes the dynamics - there’s no one trying to sell you anything. This type of unbiased advice is priceless to your organization.

LMS Library of Speakers & Workshops

We bring high-level HR leaders  to you with topics like how to get on boards & HR strategic planning.  Past speakers include: CEO of YUM! Brands, CHRO of L’Oreal, Chief Legal Officer of Jacobs, and various Board of Directors.

HOT SEAT Discussions

Enjoy intimate discussion about your challenges - think peer to peer coaching for faster and more confident decisions strategies.

Exclusive In-Person HR Events

You get free or highly discounted tickets to the events I host. The BigHR EVENT IS SOLD OUT EVERY YEAR and members get FIRST ACCESS.

Fireside Chats With C-Suite and Executive Leaders

Sit around in a relaxing environment and debate the state of the industry and what may lie ahead. During our fireside talks, we tackle all things HR with the help of our EXCLUSIVE C-SUITE SPEAKERS.

Custom Curated Connections, S.O.S. Calls

Your HR Mastermind membership allows you to upgrade to have access to 1-ON-1 CALLS WITH Cindy Lu!  You can get expert advice or gain access to a custom referral list of connections that can help you solve your immediate issue.

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