HR functions are struggling for more strategic time because they're UNDERSTAFFED. It's time gather data & help each other out!

These challenges have become so common for HR Leaders that they are being accepted as the norm. I know many HR Pros are real life superheroes but, since I work with thousands of HR leaders and with our peer advisory groups, I also know HR leaders’ cups are overflowing! You can’t just go to leadership and say you need more staff or resources; you’ve got to show them with data from your team’s workload as well as external data and that’s where this benchmark survey comes in. That’s why we decided to sponsor a benchmark survey and help HR leaders gather data from other HR functions to help them build a case for more staff, resources and budget. Complete the confidential HR benchmark survey below that will not only benefit you, but all your fellow HR peers! Thank you again for supporting each other.

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We will keep your information completely confidential! Thanks for helping others with this data! Thank you very much for helping lift the HR profession!  Cindy Lu, Founder, HR Mastermind Peer Boars and Virtual HR Circle Groups

***If you ever have a material change in the data you entered, you can simply come back in and re-enter your info. again. We will run reports when we have at least 300 responses and every 100 new responses ***


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