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How to Position Strategic HR: Amy Messersmith, CHRO, U.S. Anesthesia Partners (June 2021)

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2021

In this month’s vlog post, Amy Messersmith the CHRO at U.S. Anesthesia Partners reminds us of how valuable HR is at unlocking potential and aligning to the organization's goals through strategy, structure, culture, and the business's language.

So when leaders are asking hard questions, looking for advice, or making tough decisions HR is the strategic partner: 

  •  Speaking the language of the business 
  •  Available to move at the speed the organization needs
  •  Practicing discernment to be in service to the business goals
  •  Knowing what their customers & leaders are facing

Organizations are hungry for HR leaders who can lay out a game plan to get from point A to point B. After years in HR and experience across several industries, Amy has gained insights, models, & advice to position strategic HR. 

 In this one-hour lesson Amy will continue to enhance your HR tool belt by sharing: 

 Key attributes of a solid strategic partner & how to develop them


  • 6 affirmation statements for HR leaders to live by to help build confidence
  •  Tips for working smarter without straining staffing resources 
  •  Approaching the business from an external perspective 
  •  7 reflection questions for continuous improvement 

HR is a blend of an art and science. The combination of the two is essential for HR’s strategic intentions to result in strategic impact that is reflected in the organization’s objectives, HR policies, and HR procedures.

Remember to be the guide on the side and never settle!



Emma Lokar on behalf of Cindy Lu


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