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Pramukh Jeyathilak, Head of HR for London Stock Exchange Group on 5 Behaviors of Fast Growth Companies

business strategy culture Mar 01, 2022

Has the BIG QUIT got you worried about business growth?  Is increasing compensation really the answer long-term?

When people leave it’s not always because they have a bad boss but more often for the promise of more career opportunities.

Being part of a winning team means an abundance of career paths, high-caliber peers, and feeling of making and impact…

Fast growth organizations are like magnets to talented employees

Nothing provides better opportunities than a company that is growing rapidly. 

And when HR leaders switch their mindset that “HR is a cost center'' to “HR is a business driver”, employees, shareholders and customers benefit.

What are the behaviors of companies that have rapid growth?

Check out this weeks Vlog* post when Pramukh Jeyathilak, Head of Human Resources at LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) and prior head of HR for Fidelity Investments share his personal observations of the behaviors and mindset of rapid growth...

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Comp and Culture Alignment: Wes Wada, Director of HR, Dallas Theological Seminary (Retired head of Total Rewards, Kimberly Clark)

compensation culture Aug 10, 2018
Please join me in this video interview to hear about how to align compensation with culture from Wes Wada, retired head of total rewards at Kimberly Clark and currently head of HR at Dallas Theological Seminary

Cindy Lu

P.s. CHROs/CPOs: Feeling disconnected?  HR Inner Circles peer groups puts you in an private HR community that says...So, you’ve got access to plenty of ideas and information and that's awesome but when are you going to show up? When are you going to take that seat at the table? When are you going to face the possibilities within you? When are you going to face those fears and next level challenges?  The group says: I'm not going to let you hide. 

You've got to show up and that's the hardest part of it.  It sounds very simple but it's the number one reason why we don't ask tell senior execs what we really think or ask for the resources we know we need to better serve those we serve, it's the number one reason we don't push for a position...

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