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Disruption and what HR Can do about it: Charlene Li, Author, Speaker, & Board Member, Altimeter

strategic Jul 21, 2019

Summary by Emma Lokar

Disruption and What HR Can do About it: Charlene Li, Author, Speaker, & Board Member, Altimeter

Join me to hear from Charlene Li and author and expert in Digital Transformation to learn about disruption and what HR can do about it. Charlene is often asked “How do you actually thrive with disruption?”.  There are three elements of successful disruption: strategy, leadership, and culture. Strategy are those things that you can do and the things you won’t do. In business you cannot accomplish everything. Li explains that companies need to learn to set aside the things that are urgent and focus on the important things for the future. Leaders need to focus less on “putting out fires” and focus more on training their teams on how to do it on their own.

Through all of these elements Charlene shares that “the technology is there to help you accomplish whatever it is you want to do. To handle disruption, it is essential for...

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