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Leadership Agility with Board Members from Ace, Alcon, Concentrix and First Midwest Bancorp

leadership Dec 14, 2021

Today’s VLOG post is a holiday gift from ECC (Executive Coaching Connections) and CHRO Partners.


What amazing nuggets of wisdom our Mastermind group gained from Karen May and Kathryn Hayley on Leadership Agility and more.


Karen May is a Board Member at Ace Hardware, Alcon Inc., and former CHRO at Mondelēz International, and Kathryn Hayley is a Board Member of Concentrix, First Midwest Bancorp, and former CEO of Aon Hewitt Consulting of America and we had an amazing discussion about leadership agility and are proud to share portions of this conversation with our broader community today - lucky you! .


Watch this 45-minute video to hear about…



  • How in this volatile world we live in, there are times to lead with heart and other with your head
  • The role that HR can help facilitate conversations that help leaders feel more comfortable being vulnerable
  • What boards want to know from HR about DEI&B
  • How can CHROs show up for not just...
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Coaching for Leadership IQ: Mark Benton, VP of Talent Management & Diversity, McKesson

coaching leadership Apr 20, 2021

In the current age of technology disruption, information is constantly changing…

Senior leaders need to make quick decisions to solve problems and create solutions. Leaders tend to rely on business acumen to reach quick answers, but it’s people who move the business forward.  As talent professionals, HR has the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise for coaching people, but sometimes find:

  • Influencing a leader to consider a different approach can be challenging
  • HR is not valued as a consultative coach to the business
  • Business leaders sometimes aren't engaged

To overcome these hurdles watch this month’s lesson on Coaching for Leadership IQ, with Mark Benton the VP of Talent Management & Diversity at McKesson.

With 20 years of experience in communicating with executives, building capabilities that translate into solutions, Mark has...

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How Inspiring Leaders Fuel Results with Greg Creed, CEO (retired) YUM!

leadership Feb 04, 2021

Last year our HR Mastermind Group had the privilege of meeting Greg Creed, (retired) CEO of YUM! Brands to hear his "TED" like talk on How Inspiring Leaders Fuel Results.

I am pleased we are able to share this amazing talk with you now.

With 1.7 million employees and thousands of leaders globally, Greg has data that shows how extraordinary leaders drive for results and inspire.

If a leader is great at driving for results, but not great at motivating and inspiring, what do you think the probability of being an extraordinary leader is? Watch the video above to find out.

Greg shares his five keys to creating inspiring leaders even if they aren't Winston Churchill in this 28-minute Ted like Talk!



Cindy Lu


ps. Interested in creating an inspiring narrative to help executives better understand the value of Strategic HR? Check out how our HR TED* Talk Group Coaching can help - even if you aren't ready for the Big Stage Yet!          ...

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Guest Vlogger Tony Bridwell Chief People Officer, RYAN LLC on Leaders Aren't Pushers

leadership May 01, 2018

Leaders Aren’t Pushers: Tony Bridwell, Ryan LLC, Chief People Officer and Author.

Pushing vs Leading:
Most organizations push, (rather than lead) their teams towards results. After all, pushing often feels more natural and is certainly the predominant way most organizations are run. Many of us set goals for our team, and then put the pressure on until it is hit. We use external validation and reward structures to incentivize our team to perform. Sometimes it works, and when it doesn’t, we just push harder.

Pushing Yields Employee Burnout:
But all of this leads to burnout and frustration with your team, and an endless revision of the job description. Sound familiar?

If you’re a pusher, you aren’t alone. So how can you tell if you are “pushing” rather than “leading?” Here is the biggest clue:

Inconsistent results are the leading indicator that you are creating a culture of pushers rather than leaders.

If your results sound like...

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