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How to build a Talent Pipeline even if you don't have a strong bench

talent acquisition Jan 09, 2023
How to build a Talent Pipeline even if you don't have a strong bench

Are you struggling to maintain a strong talent pipeline and keep your organization growing? In this vlog post, Cindy Lu shares how her team successfully built a talent pipeline for a professional services firm, resulting in improved margins and continued revenue growth. Don't let a lack of internal resources hold your organization back - learn the strategies and techniques for successful external talent pipe-lining.

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Okay, so we're gonna talk today about how to pipeline talent, even if you're not a large organization and you don't have a lot of bench internally. I'm Cindy Lou with C H R O Partners. I'm the founder of HR Mastermind Grooves, and, uh, I had a long career in professional services where human capital was our biggest asset and we treated it that way. Um, also, I run mastermind groups for CHROs and hear...

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Coaching = Caring: A CHROs best Recruiter Retention Technique (5 of 5)

talent acquisition Jun 17, 2022

We all know how hard it is to find great recruiters these day.  One key to retaining great recruiters is providing targeted coaching to help them be successful.  To provide targeted coaching, you need to have KPIs to coach objectively and know where they need help.

In this short vlog we talk about recruiting key performance indicators to help with coaching for results. 

Hint:  It is much like being a VP of sales and coaching for revenue.


Enjoy, Cindy Lu

Founder of CHRO Partners


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Okay. So we all know how hard it is to find people these days and providing your talent acquisition team, the kind of support and coaching they need is what you're going to do to keep them. So when they fall off, then you're in trouble. And I think there are quite a few talent acquisition professionals who are pretty burned out these days. So how do you provide the right kind of coaching and...

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7 Strategies for CHROs to Help their Talent Acquisition Teams Succeed and Avoid Burnout


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About the VLOG:

I have been hearing so much about how Talent Acquisition is a huge challenge today for HR leaders and how TA teams are burning out and can't keep up.

So, I recorded a quick 16 minute vlog about the high-level strategies that helped me when we were loosing revenue because we didn't have the talent and the techniques we used to turn things around and even have an amazing pipeline of talent to choose from over time.

  • We decreased time to hire from 3 months to 2 weeks and
  • Turnover numbers plummeted from 50% to 9% because we had actual slates to pick from (and...
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