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The Growing Need for CHROs and CPOs on Boards – Are You Ready?

boards Aug 25, 2022

With 2 years of significant transformation, The Great Resignation, and continued C-Suite concern/focus on talent acquisition and retention, HR and the people function have been at the front line. Yet corporate boards still do not have many people with strong backgrounds in HR. 1

 In fact, while the number of board members with HR backgrounds has nearly doubled in the last 3 years, from 6 to 11% according to NACD – it is still only 11%.2

 In addition, when global CEOs were asked about their top internal obstacles, lack of quality talent ranked #2 – further underscoring the need for CHROs and CPOs to have a seat at the table in corporate governance.3

 In today’s vlog Susan Madonia and I speak with two impressive Executive Partners at ECC who will share with us their experiences on 20 boards.  Jill Smart and Wayne Sales (board experiences listed below) discuss the need for CHROs/CPOs on Boards and insider tips on how to get on boards.


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