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Guest Vlogger Tony Bridwell Chief People Officer, RYAN LLC on Leaders Aren't Pushers

tony bridwell vlogger May 01, 2018

Leaders Aren’t Pushers: Tony Bridwell, Ryan LLC, Chief People Officer and Author.

Pushing vs Leading:
Most organizations push, (rather than lead) their teams towards results. After all, pushing often feels more natural and is certainly the predominant way most organizations are run. Many of us set goals for our team, and then put the pressure on until it is hit. We use external validation and reward structures to incentivize our team to perform. Sometimes it works, and when it doesn’t, we just push harder.

Pushing Yields Employee Burnout:
But all of this leads to burnout and frustration with your team, and an endless revision of the job description. Sound familiar?

If you’re a pusher, you aren’t alone. So how can you tell if you are “pushing” rather than “leading?” Here is the biggest clue:

Inconsistent results are the leading indicator that you are creating a culture of pushers rather than leaders.

If your results sound like...

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