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Summary of HBR’s paper: 11 Trends That Will Shape The Work in 2022 and Beyond

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2022

Here is a summary of HBR’s paper: 11 Trends That Will Shape The Work in 2022 and Beyond


“We’ve been living through the greatest workplace disruption in generations and the level of volatility will not slow down in 2022. New Covid variants will continue to emerge and may cause workplaces to temporarily go remote again. Hybrid work will create more unevenness around where, when, and how much different employees are working. Many employees will be greeted with real wage cuts as annual compensation increases fall behind inflation. These realities will be layered on top of longer-term technological transformation, continued DE&I journeys, and ongoing political disruption and uncertainty.”


  1. Fairness and Equity (issues around flexible work, location/comp, comp for new vs existing, yees with no kids) 
  2. Employers not adopting vaccine mandate (employers feel it’s not their role, fears of turn-over and court challenges)
  3. War for knowledge workers (not all can compete on comp - some shortening work week)
  4. Great resignation to Sustained resignation (hybrid and remote work = less social connection & opps to work in diff. geographies)
  5. Managerial tasks automated to create time for more human relationships (lots of new tech focused on this)
  6. Remote work tools will help measure & improve performance
  7. Complexity of hybrid will drive some employers to require RTO but will see turnover (drivers: poor business results, turnover, 2 jobs at a time and loss of culture)
  8. Wellness: newest metric to understand ‘yees (...85% increased mental health benefits -less than 40% take advantage)
  9. Chief Purpose Officer is next "C" suite role (employees expectation of employers involvement in societal and political debates)
  10. Sitting is the new smoking (new benefits and tech)
  11.  DE&I will worsen in hybrid world without intervention (mgrs still believe those in office are higher performers - data shows women and people of color prefer WFH)


Which of these 11 are driving change at your organization?


Cindy Lu


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