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CHROs and CEOs Unplugged: Insider Secrets and Strategies from a Dynamic Duo

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2023
CHROs and CEOs Unplugged: Insider Secrets and Strategies from a Dynamic Duo

HR leaders are no strangers to the challenges that arise when there's a disconnect between the CHRO and the CEO. Such misalignment can drastically affect overall efficiency, employee morale, and the broader strategic vision of the organization.

However, a synchronized CEO-CHRO partnership can transform the trajectory of any corporate entity.

Step into this enlightening discussion hosted by Cindy Lu, founder of HR Mastermind. Bringing their wealth of experience to the table are:

Susan Madonia, SVP Global Solutions at Ariel Group and former Partner/Principal at Executive Coaching Connections, LLC.

Karen May, Board Member at Ace Hardware and Alcon Inc, and the retired EVP/Chief Human Resources Officer of Mondelez International.

David Powell, with a noteworthy tenure as the CEO and President of J&J Medical K.K., Japan for Johnson & Johnson, and an influential Board member of Fieldpiece Instruments, Inc.

Key Insights Include:

Navigating Disparities: Karen May, with her rich HR background, will expound on the nuances and strategies vital for a synergized CEO-CHRO relationship.

Crafting Strategic Collaborations: David Powell will share insights from his global leadership roles, shedding light on forging trust and maximizing collaboration at the top tiers.

Gaining Broad Industry Perspectives: Susan Madonia offers a unique vantage point, gleaning from her diverse experiences, delivering actionable recommendations for aspiring leaders.

Beyond these insights, our panelists will share tales from the trenches: leadership stories, lessons from challenges faced, and innovative solutions that have set new benchmarks.

For HR leaders aiming to proactively bridge the CEO-CHRO gap, this session provides not just knowledge but a roadmap. Embark on this journey towards organizational cohesion, clarity, and success.

Join us for an unmissable dialogue that aims to redefine leadership partnerships for today's corporate landscape.

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