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5 Step Framework for building an in-house Talent Acquisition Function

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2020

Masterclass for Corporate HR Leaders:

5 Step Framework for building an in-house Talent Acquisition Function

to save recruiting fees, improve candidate quality and be a TRUE strategic HR partner

In this 45-minute masterclass (on demand), you will learn:

  • The EXACT habits of highly effective Corporate Talent Acquisition functions
  • Why spending thousands of dollars on expensive external search firms is a waste of resources and won’t build a scale-able TA process and what to do instead
  • How to make sure your organization doesn’t hire the “BEST of the WORST” and what you can do instead to make sure you get “A” players in your pipeline
  • How to market to hiring mgrs./leaders to get a pilot program off the ground even if you don’t have a budget
  • Why the “POST and PRAY” approach won’t get you the next Rock Star and how to help your hiring mgrs. see that the good candidates are worth the wait
  • How to structure a search process to make sure you get to the passive candidates the same way the search firms do
  • Learn a step by step process on to how to build an in-house executive search function so you can save on fees and increase quality of hire even if you don’t have a budget today!


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