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Working with compensation committees with Melissa Goebel, CHRO (Audio)

compensation Nov 25, 2022
Working with compensation committees with Melissa Goebel, CHRO (Audio)

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New to working with a compensation committee? If you try to research, you won’t find much information readily available. You can easily find information on what a compensation committee does, how they work and the roles of the members but not a lot on how to work effectively with them as a CHRO.

Cindy Lu talks with Melissa Goebel about her experience with a compensation committee. Melissa shares stores of the mistakes she made along the way and what she learned to be successful. In this session, Melissa talks about where to focus efforts and how to think about the board members’ experiences. Keys to success focus on communication, managing expectations and partnerships with the Chair, committee members, CEO, CFO and external compensation partner.

Melissa’s advice on where to learn about working with Compensation Committees is to talk with your external compensation partner and/or contact an experienced CHRO.

In the recording, Melissa offers to be a resource and she can be reached via LinkedIn at


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