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Give your recruiters the amunition they need to sell your opportunity (2 of 5)

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2022

With over 40% of the workforce quitting to start their own business or take a sabbatical, your recruiters and HR teams need to be able to "sell" the opportunity at your organization.

In today's vlog, we discuss what hiring leaders can do to give the talent acquisition team what they need to attract the best talent.

Take time to sell your recruiter on the role. You are not only competing against other companies but also for the recruiters time internally.  When recruiters love their hiring leaders and the opportunity, they excited to recruit and that energy is passed along to the candidates!

Also help them understand why this is a great job! 

Let me know what you are doing to make your positions standout?

Enjoy, Cindy Lu

Founder of CHRO Partners


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Hi there. This is Cindy Lu again, and we are back to talk about talent acquisition tips. As I mentioned in my first video, about 40% of the folks out there, um, have, quit their jobs to either take a sabbatical role or to, um, basically start their own business. And so your recruiters are left with very few people to go after you. Um, can't take the sort of passive approach to recruiting. You've gotta get them out there to proactively reach out to folks. And when you do that, you want to make sure that they have the ammunition to attract those candidates. So, when you think about attracting candidates, what are the things that really make candidates say, Hey, I should listen to this person. Well, first of all, since I spent the majority of my career in recruiting and executive search, both on the corporate side, as well as on the third-party side, one of the things I think that impresses candidates the most is when your recruiter knows the job so well that they can answer questions, handle objections, think of it like a sales job.


Right? Think of it. the recruiter really needs to know these things. So as the CEO or hiring leader, it's your job to make sure that, whether it's your C H R O or your recruiting team, external team recruiters, internal recruiters, third party recruiters, whatever the case, they have the ammunition to attract the candidates. So, spend the time front with them that hour that you spend or more, um, that you invest in helping them understand the role, how this person's gonna be successful in the role, the business model, helping them understand, why this role is, a great opportunity for someone and the kind of person that would value it. So taking that time to, to get that information to your recruiter in some detail. So I would always want to know things like, tell me about your business model.


How do you make money? What makes you different than your competitors? What makes this this a great opportunity. What makes you a great boss to work for? Right. So, and make sure you've got a good relationship with that recruiter, because if they're not impressed and enamored with you, it's pretty hard for them to sell that to the candidates. So if you're thinking about taking a shortcut and just sending them the job specs for an email about what you're looking for, think again, take the time to really help them understand why this is an awesome opportunity and that energy will flow through to the candidates, through your recruiter. So sometimes you have to slow down to speed up and in this kind of market, you need to equip your recruiter with all ammunition and all of the selling points that you can. All right. So,


If you have any questions, feel free to pop them in the comments. This is Cindy Lu with C H R O partners, and we help CHROs and their direct reports, show up more strategically so that they can provide great working environments and, help their businesses grow. All right, this is Cindy Lu signing off - until next time when we are going to talk a little bit about, um, when it makes sense to outsource a position versus when it makes sense to keep it in house.


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