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When to outsource to a search firm - my 80/20 rule (3 of 5)

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2022

The 80/20 rule in recruiting says that typically 20% of your positions will take 80% of your internal recruiters time. 

In today's vlog post we talk about when it makes sense to use a search firm right away to decrease time to hire.


Enjoy, Cindy Lu

Founder of CHRO Partners


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Hi there. This is Cindy Lu, and we are in our third video on talent acquisition. I know it's a tough space to be in these days. So as a CEO, as a hiring leader, perhaps a C H R O one of the things to really consider is when to outsource a position versus when to keep it in house. All right. So you probably have a pretty good feel for those positions that take up a ton of time for your recruiters. Many firms have rules like, you know, we're not going to send it to a search firm until it's been opened for 90 days. And so here's my advice to you. If the position is one of these positions that takes up a ton of time for your recruiters. So it's usually 20% of your positions will take up 80% of your recruiter's time.


Then just outsource it from the beginning, right? Go ahead and outsource it. Don't wait the 90 days, get it off their plate, make sure they know that they're not a failure because they didn't work on it. They're going to feel like more of a failure when they have, you know, 40 recs on their desk and they don't really have time to do a deep dive dig into this role. That's what specialty recruiting firms are all about. So when you do that, then you take the pressure off. If you don't hand it to the recruiter until it's 90 days old. Imagine it has been around the, the transom, meaning people have heard about the job, and then all of a sudden they're like, what's wrong with this job? How come it's been open for so long? It's sort of like real estate, right?


And you look at a house and it's been sitting there for too long, especially these days. You got to wonder like what the heck is wrong. So if you know that these positions are take a lot of time -  the 20% of the positions that are taking 80% of your recruiters time, go ahead and just get it outsourced. All right. So this is Cindy Lu with C H R O partners, and we help CHROs and their direct reports in mastermind groups, and inner circle groups have a safe environment to talk about their challenges, as well as think about strategic ways to help elevate their organization and help their organizations grow and create awesome cultures for their employees. All right. So this is Cindy Lu, and next time we get together, I'm going to share with you my favorite tip, moving the process along and keeping momentum going for your search. All right. See then.

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