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Coaching = Caring: A CHROs best Recruiter Retention Technique (5 of 5)

talent acquisition Jun 17, 2022

We all know how hard it is to find great recruiters these day.  One key to retaining great recruiters is providing targeted coaching to help them be successful.  To provide targeted coaching, you need to have KPIs to coach objectively and know where they need help.

In this short vlog we talk about recruiting key performance indicators to help with coaching for results. 

Hint:  It is much like being a VP of sales and coaching for revenue.


Enjoy, Cindy Lu

Founder of CHRO Partners


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Okay. So we all know how hard it is to find people these days and providing your talent acquisition team, the kind of support and coaching they need is what you're going to do to keep them. So when they fall off, then you're in trouble. And I think there are quite a few talent acquisition professionals who are pretty burned out these days. So how do you provide the right kind of coaching and guidance that they need? Well, think of the recruiting pipeline, just like a sales pipeline. So if you're a VP of sales, you're going to get this and understand the metrics behind it. But being able to track in your systems, the number of people that they were able to reach out to, to the number of people who they were able to get on the phone or get into a first round interview, looking at those metrics the percentage of people who then make it from that first phone interview to either face to face interview or onto the hiring leader.


And then looking at the percentage of people, the hiring leader decided to take to the second or final step in the interview. So all of these KPIs or key performance indicators are critical to track number one, so that you can figure out how to help your recruiters or talent acquisition executives with the process. So, as an example, if there are a lot of people falling off between, let's say the stage that they talked to him on the phone to getting them to the first interview and candidates aren't showing up then we need to think about the message, what, what's the message, how are we selling the position? Is it impactful or let's say that out at the end of the process, when you're closing the candidate or making the offer to the candidate and the candidate has, you know, let's say you have 10 offers for every 10 offers, let's say you only get two to say, yes.


Well, that's a lot of work that just went into only two of the candidates out of 10 saying, yes. So looking at the close process and understanding how, how do we lock that down to ensure that we're not making the offer too soon? Have we answered all the questions or objections of the candidates? So those are just some ideas, but if you think about what recruiters need today they need coaching guidance and counseling and knowing that you're there to help them be more successful, right? The job market is hot. Good recruiter can go anywhere and find a new job if that's what they even want to do. I know a lot of them are getting really beat up, so make sure that you're taking the time to provide that coaching and counseling that your recruiter needs. All right. So this is Cindy Lu with C H R O partners.


And we provide a safe Haven, safe environment on a monthly basis for chief HR officers and their direct reports to come together to share ideas, to share challenges, to help each other out. Think of it as like a peer to peer coaching program in any case. If you have any questions about this program, feel free to reach out to me. I'm Cindy Lu, and look forward to making your connection.


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