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The Employment Dance: Three Key Skills I Learned from Job Losses - "Ted" like talk by Donna Howard

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2022


Speaker Accolades:

 “Truly inspirational message. Really enjoyed the discussion around being resilient”

 “Thank you, Donna. I appreciate you sharing your journey. Great message in sharing takeaways to help others to bounce back.”

 “Calming demeanor that pulled in the audience, relatable and engaging story, almost no “verbal pauses”. Mature professionalism exuded.”

 “Very polished”

 “The authenticity and vulnerability of your stories inspired me. Thank you so much for sharing”

 “Loved the use of your personal stories”

“Donna, you are such a great speaker!”

 “Love, love, love your heartfelt talk! Thanks for helping us to focus on what's important!”

 “Great advice to focus on what's important. Heartfelt message Donna, thank you for sharing your stories!”

 “Very good presentation!”

 “Great job Donna! Appreciate your vulnerability”

 “Genuine, authentic, real, powerful! Thank you for sharing your journey and learnings”

 “Graceful, poised, and natural. Great humor woven into your talk and it worked so well, balanced out the serious parts of your story. Agree with how important finding an organization with values consistent with yours. Great body language and facial expressions .”

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