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Leadership Agility with Board Members from Ace, Alcon, Concentrix and First Midwest Bancorp

leadership Dec 14, 2021

Today’s VLOG post is a holiday gift from ECC (Executive Coaching Connections) and CHRO Partners.


What amazing nuggets of wisdom our Mastermind group gained from Karen May and Kathryn Hayley on Leadership Agility and more.


Karen May is a Board Member at Ace Hardware, Alcon Inc., and former CHRO at Mondelēz International, and Kathryn Hayley is a Board Member of Concentrix, First Midwest Bancorp, and former CEO of Aon Hewitt Consulting of America and we had an amazing discussion about leadership agility and are proud to share portions of this conversation with our broader community today - lucky you! 😉.


Watch this 45-minute video to hear about…



  • How in this volatile world we live in, there are times to lead with heart and other with your head
  • The role that HR can help facilitate conversations that help leaders feel more comfortable being vulnerable
  • What boards want to know from HR about DEI&B
  • How can CHROs show up for not just the soft topics but also getting in the middle of every big topic
  • How CHROs and HR functions can help lead with ideas on changing business models vs. just responding to cost cutting
  • How HR can help take care of the emotional needs of employees and our customers


If you are feeling run down and burned out this video will re-energize you and give you hope that boards are thinking about the same things HR leaders are! This advice is timeless, GOLDEN and one of my favorite talks.


Hoping for a Happy, Healthy and Relaxing Holiday for you and yours!


Cindy Lu

CHRO Partners

[email protected]



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