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Career Pathing for Retention: Felicia Taylor, CHRO at Trintech

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2021

July 2020 - Career Pathing for Retention: Felicia Taylor, CHRO at Trintech



HR knows when it comes to career pathing and succession planning the process can leave employees feeling:


...Unclear about the metrics they’re being measured on


 ...Concerned with their promotion track


...Unsure about the impact it will have on salary


To help ease your workforce’s fears and create a career pathing process for retention join me in watching this month’s lesson with Felicia Taylor the CHRO at Trintech (Previous VP of Global HR and M&A at RealPage, Inc.) where she shares her expertise on:


...The importance of career paths in employee retention and performance management


...Why today’s workforce values job progression as much as pay


...Simple tools to help you launch competency-based career paths


...How to measure turnover associated with career growth to show leaders why employees are leaving for better opportunities


After watching this one-hour lesson you will gain new tools and expert knowledge so that you can tackle career development challenges in your organization to:


 ...Ensure current employees are delivering on the customer experience


...Help employees become more passionate & engaged


...Leaders understand how a role is going to change


...Increase the opportunity for employees to do meaningful work that ties to the bottom line



In this lesson Felicia left the group with a few key pieces of advice:


 ...Start with the biggest pain points, that is where you will get the most buy-in


...Don’t try and tackle the whole world, partner with the business and take it one department at a time


...Career Pathing is an intentional process, create a project team managed & pushed along by HR





Cindy Lu


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Here are the links that were referenced in the vlog post. 

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3. FYI: For your Improvement, a Guide for Development & Coaching



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