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Lessons for First-time CHROs by Heather Hellebusch Chief HR, Risk & Safety Officer Cinépolis USA

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2021

Whether you are early in your CHRO role, aspiring to become the Senior HR leader, or you are the CHRO looking to revitalize role, you will want to tune in for this lesson with Heather Hellebusch the Chief Human Resources, Risk and Safety Officer for Cinepolis U.S.A. on 5 lessons for a first time CHRO.

 So often being a corporate HR leader can feel like:

      ...Business leaders don’t see the value or know how to leverage HR?

      ...You have a seat at the table but it is an up-hill battle to convince senior leaders of the minimum viable HR infrastructure

      ..There are so many priorities and needs, and don't know where to start

      ...There days where you wonder “why am I doing this? It is just too hard.”

 To learn how to prioritize as an HR leader and what you should anchor to so you get through the tough days to allow you to get the resources you need.

Follow along as Heather shares:

       ...5 Important lessons that give you the tools to set your OWN expectations to assist in re-branding HR

      ...How being a connected leader helps you leapfrog knowledge gaps

     ...How to engage the leadership team and become the confidante of your CEO

      ...An individual development plan worksheet to craft a roadmap for yourself 

 When you take control and set your own expectations and create an HR vision you’ll finally feel like you are maximizing your potential & your teams. The business will leverage HR to help grow a more profitable business. Learn how to get what you need today and watch the lesson above!

This lesson was originally posted for our HR Circle members in Jan 2020.

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