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Mastering Skip-Level Meetings: Insights from Rudy Rodriguez | CHRO Mastermind Group

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2024
Mastering Skip-Level Meetings: Insights from Rudy Rodriguez | CHRO Mastermind Group


Join Cindy Liu, founder of CHRO Partners and the CHRO Mastermind Group, as she sits down with Rudy Rodriguez, former Chief Legal and Human Resources Officer at CEC Entertainment, to discuss the concept and benefits of skip-level meetings. In this masterclass, Rudy shares his journey from legal expert to HR leader and provides practical tips on effectively conducting skip-level meetings to foster open communication, build rapport, and enhance team performance.

🔹 Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to skip-level meetings
  • Benefits for employees and leaders
  • Rudy's personal experiences and leadership journey
  • Practical tips for conducting effective skip-level meetings
  • Real-life examples and outcomes


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🔹 Key Takeaways:

How skip-level meetings can break down barriers and build stronger teams

The importance of setting expectations and maintaining trust

Strategies for leveraging skip-level meetings to improve organizational communication and performance

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