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Summary (13 minutes) of People Analytics from LinkedIn Learning Lesson by Josh Bersin

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

In the HR function today many of you are trying to do more with less... does it ever feel like: 


  • Business leaders want people results, but aren’t willing to fund the activities required to deliver results?


  • It’s getting harder and harder to build a business case for change without data?


  • HR has all the responsibility for performance, but none of the authority

Well, we think authority is highly overrated, but INFLUENCE is critical to the success of Human Resources. Having data to back up a proposal is one of the areas that helps HR become more influential! People analytics is the most exciting and fastest growing areas of HR and can help with: 


  • Talent constraints 


  • Productivity improvements 


  • Turnover


Watch this 13-minute summary of the People Analytics course from LinkedIn Learning to hear Josh Bersin’s key points and important lessons to using people related data to make a business impact such as: 


  • Where to focus and start


  • How to be successful with your first project


  • Real life case studies of how people analytics improved business results


With people analytics HR can become a consultative data backed partner


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