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D&I Roadmap for HR Leaders Without a Dedicated D&I Leader

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020

There are so many HR leaders starting or refreshing their organization's diversity and inclusion journey but without a dedicated in-house D&I experts or budgets for external consultants, many are finding this work to be like a 3rd job and unsure where to start.

We hope this vlog will help save you time and bring clarity to your company's D&I journey.

Tune in to hear how Chris Sinclair, VP People & Culture/HR for a PMG Digital Agency. outlines a simple framework to refresh and restart D&I.

He shares the challenges they experienced and the three-pronged approach they are taking as well as the simple (but not easy) steps they took related to talent practices.

Lastly, the organization shows their corporate courage when they share their findings publicly front and center on the website. This is a template you'll want to see.

Not only is it smart business to have a diverse and inclusive culture, but Chris feels these are just table stakes for companies related to employee attraction and retention.

If you don't have time to watch the video, you can read the transcript here.



Cindy Lu

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