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HR Leaders are Burned Out and How To Get Your Mojo Back - Even If You Are Exhausted!

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2021

They call me Momma Bear of HR and my heart goes out to HR leaders and all that has landed on their lap in the last 18 months.#Pandemic, #DEI&B, #Retention, #GreatResignation, #RTO, #RemoteFirst, #EmployeeMentalHealth

So when this article was posted by one of our HR Circle Facebook members it completely hit home and I couldn’t have described the state of HR any better…

“After 18 months of unrelenting change, HR is burned out, too” 

Here are excerpts from the article..

“...there’s simply too much work to be able to fully step away and prioritize their (HR’s) wellbeing.”

“...(HR leaders) helping companies shift to remote work....drafted every type of business update and filtered down messages from the top, oftentimes bearing the brunt of negative feedback from employees.

“The competition puts more pressure on HR to make sure their organization is offering the best and most attractive benefits, including competitive pay; flexible work arrangements; ample health and wellbeing support; and sufficient pandemic resources to attract workers.

...Tapping mental health benefits must be encouraged, modeled by senior leaders, and easily accessible. Leaders may want to make sure HR workers are taking their own advice.”

Now, HR professionals really need to lean into taking care of themselves,” 


The Burnout with HR leaders is REAL.  

So I decided to see if I could find new thinking on this topic. 

And of course, I found a lot of the same old advice like...get more sleep, exercise and eat better...not that those things aren’t important but, I was interested in the professional stressors and what can be done to help HR leaders with this burnout. 

In this article featured in Oprah Daily Feeling Burned Out? These Expert-Approved Strategies Will Help You Recover , the author had some good tips that align with the behaviors I see Energized HR leaders doing.  

These are HR leaders who are thriving through all this craziness. 

One, they are prioritizing meaningful talent work - albeit they are working hard, they still seem to be energized and…

Two, they ask for the resources they need to get the job done.  See excerpts from this article...

“Dedicate 20 percent of your time to your most meaningful work. 

Even if the majority of your workday is spent working on tedious, annoying, and emotionally draining tasks, you can still find meaning and purpose at your job—which is key for feeling happier, more productive, and more engaged. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), doctors who spent 20 percent of their time on work that felt personally meaningful were about half as likely to experience burnout than doctors who spent less than 20 percent of their time on meaningful activities.”


“Professional burnout is caused by an imbalance between your job demands and your job resources—and the research suggests that you’re better off trying to increase your resources than trying to reduce your job demands...”


To help our HR leaders get the resources they need,  I resurfaced a free worksheet and summary we put together based on the Harvard Business School’s Guide to Building Your Business Case

There has actually never been a better time for HR leaders to ask for more resources.

Get your free copy here and make the most of this opportunity in time when CEOs are finally getting the value HR can bring beyond party planning and getting everyone paid:


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