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Being Great to your Employees while Creating a Competitive Advantage: Jeff Kramer, Prior CHRO, 1st Global

Uncategorized May 28, 2021

A company who is not customer-centric or focused on employee engagement can make HR feel as though: 

      ...Employees are not reaching their full potential & become under-performers

      ...It is difficult to get anything meaningful done

      ...The unhappiness of the culture has a spillover effect into the quality of service customers receive

 In this month's lesson, Jeff Kramer the CHRO at 1st Global (prior)* shares the value of HR's journey. Moving from transactional HR to a strategic partner and then to ultimately focus on cultivating a culture that aligns employee engagement to creating a competitive advantage for the business. 

 After decades in HR, Jeff has the incredible ability to coach Senior Executives, educate them, get them on board, and make his initiatives business programs NOT human resources' agendas. 

 In this 30-minute lesson you will learn: 

  ...5 steps to engage employees

 ...How your company's competitive advantage has different culture implications

 ...The importance of getting the right people so you can become customer-centric 

...Your testing & tools in the selection process may be biased causing you to lose candidates with great mindsets

 ...Benefit of housing internal communications under HR to engage employees


*This lesson was originally recorded for our HR Inner Circle members. At the time Jeff was the most recent CHRO at 1st Global and is now the VP,  People Business Partner at CBRE.

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