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Building Great Teams with Liz Brown, Head of HR for AMS, LATAM and Canada at Cisco

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2021

Whether you are a CHRO, Chief People Officer, Head of Business Partners, or Head of a Center of Excellence you understand how important human capital is to the business, but there are still environments that: 


  • Do not embrace HR as a strategic partner
  • Keep you mired down in the tactics 
  • Lack the foundation that enables HR to execute business strategy 


All you can do is control your own actions. In this month’s lesson, Liz Brown the Senior Director of People and Communities for Cisco, shares her expertise and tips to building a strong team so that you can: 


  • Do more as a leader and be more strategic 
  • Be more innovative 
  • Create value and have a bigger impact 


Watch the 50-minute lesson above so that you will learn:


  • 5 tips to building a strong team 
  • How diversity of thought can meet customer demands 
  • Embracing failures builds accountability muscles
  • The importance of being a vulnerable leader and supporting those who report to you


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