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Nina Boone, Korn Ferry's NA D&I leader

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2022

In today's VLOG post we hear from  Nina Boone, Korn Ferry's North American D&I leader from a previously recorded member pop-up group. Watch this today as full VLOG post will only be available to non-members for a limited time!

 Here were some of our member comments from the session (paraphrased for brevity):


  • Managers must acknowledge it is their responsibility to get their employees back on track
  • People give opportunities with people who they connect with, trust, feel comfortable with.
  •  Reminded me about career-pathing
  •  Many jobs have ... requirements that inadvertently perpetuate d&i issues
  •  Getting to the root cause through quantitative and qualitative data - voice of the people. Asking critical questions of leaders on what they've done to prepare those high potentials; gauge their level of ownership and accountability
  • How many talented individuals are left out of the development conversations because no one "knows" them? In banking, much of business is done with people the bank knows. How do you then grow your bottom line when "the people you know" is finished?
  • The connection of convenience and comfort - reasons why the behaviors leaders have been exhibiting continue and representation doesn't happen.
  • Also loved the terminology - traditions, convenience, and personal preferences

 *Original recording in our DEI&B pop-up group from Feb 2021 with member comments edited out.

 Enjoy!  Cindy Lu

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