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How to create engaging corporate events with our TED talk coach

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2021

As organizations start bringing corporate events back and are trying to capture the hearts and minds of employees it is important to get the message and delivery right.

Today we interview Stephanie Weaver a public speaking coach since 2011and curator for TEDxSanDiego and organizes TED-style corporate events.

Stephanie shares what she sees organizations do to help their sr. executives deliver engaging and compelling messages in corporate events , customer events and town-halls.  Whether the executives fall in the "I don't need help" or "I hate public speaking" camp they all can benefit from a coach.

She shares with us the different types of talks beyond TED style talks and a framework for HR leaders to help their execs deliver more compelling and engaging communications to their employees and customers.

If you're interested in engaging with Stephanie, you can reach her through her website at:

 ps. Come checkout the results of her coaching with our TED* Speaker at the BigHR 2021 Event either in-person or on-line.


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