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Streamlining HR for time for Strategic Human Capital Work: Billy Parsons, Head of HR for U.S. Dermatology

effectiveness Jan 29, 2021

HR can often feel more like an “administrative resource" rather than the strategic Human Resources role that impacts the business by driving growth. If you are a corporate HR leader that feels like:

  • There’s not enough time, staff, or resources to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Your strategic skills are being under-utilized
  • Everyday is like playing a game of whack-a-mole
  • The HR team is doing more administrative work than they should

In this sixty+ minute lesson with Billy Parsons, VP of HR for U.S. Dermatology Partners, you will learn how to streamline HR processes to free up HR from tactical tasks, so that you can focus on talent strategies that drive growth for your organization. Billy shares:

  • 4 key phases to streamlining HR, and how to get buy-in from your team 
  • A template for ensuring the work of process improvement yields an optimal employee experience
  • Best practices on process improvement modification for the most impact and least amount of effort
  • Get process in place so that you have time to track data to help build business case for more resources, staff and budget

After you streamline the tactical and get processes in place you’ll free up time and resources for more strategic HR initiatives that attract and retain top talent, and ultimately become the strategic advisor to the organization. 

Get past transactional HR and feel excitement for your job again and focus on high impact work today! 



Cindy Lu


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