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Simplifying the Performance Review Process to Get Business Results: Bonnie Endicott, Director of Talent Management for Southwest Airlines (Feb 2021)

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2021

As HR professionals we know leaders can dread performance reviews and employees can feel like it’s just a “check-the-box” exercise, so this month’s lesson is with Bonnie Endicott the Director of Talent Management at Southwest Airlines. 


She shares her insights on how Southwest Airlines simplified their performance review process for business results and how it has taken off! As a company known for taking care of their employees they know that performance management can: 


  • Help employees bring their best to work everyday


  • Assist leaders in connecting with employees


  • Facilitate the continuous cycle of feedback and support 


In this 40-minute lesson Bonnie explains:


  • 3 Tips for performance management 


  • How Southwest prioritized their process roll-out and challenges they faced


  • The value to the business in having consistent and frequent conversations with employees


  • Thinking differently about how to encourage employees and support them 


If you do not have time to watch the lesson the audio version can be found by clicking HERE, and the PDF transcript of the lesson is available in the downloads section.


Occasionally we are able to have instructors join us and Bonnie will be joining our upcoming HR Circle Zoom Call on Friday March 20th, 2020 for a LIVE Q&A at noon! You don’t want to miss meeting Bonnie with her warrior spirit & her fun-loving attitude so to prepare for this call: 


  • Print out the summary PDF from the downloads section


  • Comment to share your biggest takeaways from the lesson and one thing you are going to implement in your own organization


  • Be ready to ask a lot of questions!


We look forward to hearing all your questions and takeaways from this lesson! Enjoy, 


Emma Lokar on behalf of Cindy Lu 

CHRO Partners Intern 


P.S. If you want to read more about talent management please visit Bonnie’s website below:


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