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5 Actions to a Diverse Slate of Candidates

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020

I was listening to the WSJ last week and heard that Starbucks has made a pledge that by 2025 30% of their manager level and above leader will be people of color (it was 15% in 2019 and about 46% of their overall workforce identified as a minority).

Last year Starbucks hired their first CI&DO. They are focused on mentor-ship programs, I&D is now tied to executive compensation and they are starting and executive council to integrate I&D throughout the company.

Like Starbucks, many organizations hope these efforts will produce enough ‘ready now’ and ‘ready next’ leaders but when you find they aren’t ready yet or…

...maybe your organization has made a change in your thinking that promoting only from within is NO longer the preferred practice because in order to accelerate diversity at sr. levels we have to go to external candidates.

Whatever the case, this is when HR leaders need to ensure internal TA teams or search firm partners will serve up a diverse slate of highly qualified candidates so that hiring leaders do not feel like they ever have to hire someone just because of the color of their skin.

Personally, I would never want to get the job because of the color of my skin.

Producing highly diverse slates is critical to not having a backlash from hiring leaders and reaching diversity goals so, I hope you’ll watch this 30 minute mini-course with Anne Gustafson and Eric Mraz  to learn about the five critical actions HR leaders must take in order to ensure a highly quality diverse slate for your next leadership search. Good luck!

Be well my friend!

Cindy Lu
Ps.  In addition, you can download their info-graphic here:


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