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5 Steps to Rebranding the HR Function Advice from a CMO: Ellen Trytek, Chief Marketing Officer, Wipfli

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2020

All too often HR is still viewed as “personnel” and it’s often due to the context of the leaders’ previous experiences. This "administrative" reputation of our profession hinders the value HR leaders can bring to their organizations so, don't miss this vlog post if you are:

     ...Starting up a new HR function


     ...Creating a center of excellence


     ...Or transforming HR


We bring you this month’s VLOG interview with Ellen Trytek, the CMO, of Wipfli a national accounting firm where Ellen discusses 5 strategies to re-branding a corporate function to position HR as a strategic partner. And when done right...


     ...HR will have the opportunity to change perspectives




     ....Help the business achieve strategic goals



Catch this video or listen to the audio to learn: 


     1. How to redefine initiatives based on strategic impact based on people


     2. Ideas around renaming the function and communicating the groups


     3. Ways to articulate what we will do differently/be accountable for

     4. How to communicate new rules of engagement


     5. Ways to leverage success stories with the internal clients

You don’t want to miss Ellen’s examples and great advice for re-branding your department or function!



If you prefer Audio:




Cindy Lu


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