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The Internal HR Consultants Lunch-n-Learn series - Prewatch Video - 22 minutes

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2021

This post is for Students of the

The Internal HR Consultants Lunch-n-Learn series.


1. Please watch the this 22 minute Pre-watch video* before coming to the first scheduled Lunch-n-Learn.


*Note the slides in video show "Module one" but this is actually the "Pre-watch video" not Module one and originally recorded video say 45 minutes but the actual length is less than 22 minute.


2. Please take a Self Assessment and send to your boss or facilitator before you attend Module 1 training session:

Open and then click file--> make a copy


If you stumbled upon this page and would like access to this program you can buy a copy of the facilitators' guide here:


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