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Lean Recruiting tells Candidates a lot about your Culture (4 of 5)

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2022

It's always hard to find great talent but as you know it's even more challenging than ever now.

I hear candidates tell me how their excitement wains during the long silences between interviews and that is hard to recoup.

Keeping the momentum going in the search process is SO critical to getting the candidates of your dreams to say YES! to your job offer.

In today's vlog we talk about a simple tip on how to empower your recruiters, streamline the process and give the candidate a great impression and experience!


Enjoy, Cindy Lu

Founder of CHRO Partners


ps. Prefer to read this? See Machine Generated Transcript below


Hey there. This is Cindy Lu, and I want to share with you one of my favorite tips to keep the momentum going when you're doing a search for a top candidate. First of all, why is it important to keep that momentum going? There is something about a company that is decisive that has smooth processes that is so attractive to candidates. So when there are big chunks of time in between communication or the next steps for candidates, it tends to break the momentum. And so one of the things that hiring leaders,  or CEOs you guys should consider doing is especially those mission critical positions that you're always recruiting for. Right? You want to have recruiters that you're working with, that you are in sync, right? So nine times out of 10 they know exactly what you're looking for. And so instead of having to have them send that resume to you, have you look it over that takes a week sometimes longer, right?


Once you get in sync with your recruiter and you know that they know what you're looking for to empower them to say to the candidate, you know what, love your background. Let's go ahead and get you booked while I have you on the phone. Let me open up the calendar of the hiring leader and get this on their calendar as a candidate, you'd be like, wow, that is super cool that the company first of all, empowers their employees to do this. Number two. You're not wasting my time going back and forth. Number three, if there's any issues that they're not they're, you know, the candidate's concerned about the recruiter can address it right then. And there it is. What I call our lean recruiting process when I used to run a search firm to go ahead and get, for example, the hiring leaders calendar, so that we could go ahead and lock in a date and get that process moving forward.


All right. So I hope this little tip helps you guys. I know that talent acquisition is extremely tough right now with a huge percentage of the population having gone on sabbatical, retired or started their own business, right? So that's leaving your team and your recruiters with probably only 60% of the population left to recruit to begin with. Okay. So this is Cindy Lou with C H R O partners, and we help CHROs the direct reports show up more strategically for their firms in order to provide great cultures and help their organizations grow. So if you know, somebody who's interested feel free to ping me otherwise feel free to drop your questions and comments and chat. Do you agree with this process, would it work in your organization? All right. Talk to you soon.


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