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Next Level Strategic HR Skills: Deslyn Norris, Chief People Officer, Fitness Connection

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2019

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Summary of Vlog Post by Emma Lokar, HR Intern 

Next Level Strategic HR Skills: Deslyn Norris, Chief People Officer, Fitness Connection

Join me to hear how Deslyn Norris, Chief People Officer with Fitness Connection shares her expertise on what the top skills CEOs are looking for in their CHROs. Everyone knows CEOs want their HR leaders to produce results, have business acumen, keep relationships and have empathy, and be a people person. However, Deslyn dives into the top four skills that push CHROs to the next level strategic skills.

Deslyn explains how being a Transformational Leader, Talent Expert, someone who can drive Culture & Engagement, and creating an inclusive environments helps you dig into the strategic aspects of HR in business and assist you in seeing around corners before there’s a change to become the HR leader other Business leaders come to for guidance.


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