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4 Key Steps to Master Change Management: Marion C. Terrell, CHRO, Flagship Facility Services, Inc.

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2019

Summary of blog post by Emma Lokar, Intern, CHRO Partners (Graduating May 2020)

Earlier this year we conducted a soft skills survey for HR leaders and one of the top ranked skills was change management. As a result we spent time interviewing HR professionals on their thoughts and tips about various skills. Join me to hear from Marion C. Terrell as he shares his advice on becoming a master of change management.

Change management is at the intersection of how HR professionals should be thinking about business results and human capital, but have you ever foreseen where change is necessary in a business and not known how to:

  • Convince the organization that this change is critical?
  • Communicate the change?
  • Connect the change to business results and culture?

It is crucial HR leverages change management to protect and prepare the organization for all challenges and changes coming its way.

Watch this 20 minute video interview with, Marion C. Terrell the CHRO for Flagship Facility Services, to become an effective change agent for your organization. To master change management Marion shares:

  • 4 critical steps to establish yourself as a change leader
  • How to get clear outcomes from leaders
  • Tips on building a business case to gain credibility

If you do not have time to watch this video blog click HERE or follow the link below to get instant access to a PDF download of the video transcript to read about how to master change management!

All my best,

Cindy Lu

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