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Becoming an Internal Consultant to your Organization: Mike Dixon, SVP Global Learning and OD, Epsilon

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2019

Summary of Vlog Post by Emma Lokar, CHRO Partners Intern, Graduating May 2020

Earlier this year we conducted a survey on important soft skills for HR leaders According to C-Suite executives one of the top ranked skills is being a consultative partner. Join me to hear from, Mike Dixon the SVP of Global Learning & Organizational Development at Epsilon, as he shares his perspective and frameworks HR can use to become strategic consultative partners to the business.

HR professionals are constantly battling to transition from the tactical administrator to the strategic partner business leaders rely on, but don’t know how to leverage their HR power to: 


  • Create a world-class associate experience


  • Help forecast trends 


  • Boost the business and keep it competitive for the long term


Watch this 20 minute interview to learn how to develop the critical consultative skill and become the advisor the business cannot make a move without. Mike shares the:


  • Art and science of being an internal consultative partner 


  • 3 tools to help build the internal consulting model  


  • Importance of helping the business realize the world is changing economically


  • Value of being able to shift when priorities change


If you do not have time to watch this video blog click HERE or follow the link below to get instant access to a PDF download of the video transcript to read about how to become an internal consultant!

All my best,

Cindy Lu

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