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Get Inspired: How 4 CHROs Find Time to Stay Superfit

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2020

Many of us start the year motivated to workout, but then the cold weather sets in, family commitments ensue, and long days at the office can make it harder and harder to stay consistent. As a future CHRO I know I want to set an example and inspire employees to do the same so they will also enjoy the stress relief, increased energy, and productivity that comes along with being fit.


Join me in watching this fun 30-minute video blog with our fabulously buff ;) panel of 4 SuperFit C-Suite Executives as they discuss how they make their health and fitness a priority despite their jam-packed weekly schedules! 


They’ll discuss how their commitment to their health has benefited them and share their weekly workout regimes as well as their: 


  • Advice on how to prioritize workouts 


  • Motivation for staying committed 


  • Tips for deliberate eating habits


  • Company’s programs for encouraging their employee’s health journeys


Staying active and becoming more fit is an investment in your personal and professional life! We’d love to hear what is working for you and your organization in the comments below.

All my best, 


Emma Lokar on behalf of Cindy Lu 


CHRO Partners Intern, Graduating May 2020, (Accepting interviews now :)


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