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Pramukh Jeyathilak, Head of HR for London Stock Exchange Group on 5 Behaviors of Fast Growth Companies

business strategy culture Mar 01, 2022

Has the BIG QUIT got you worried about business growth?  Is increasing compensation really the answer long-term?

When people leave it’s not always because they have a bad boss but more often for the promise of more career opportunities.

Being part of a winning team means an abundance of career paths, high-caliber peers, and feeling of making and impact…

Fast growth organizations are like magnets to talented employees

Nothing provides better opportunities than a company that is growing rapidly. 

And when HR leaders switch their mindset that “HR is a cost center'' to “HR is a business driver”, employees, shareholders and customers benefit.

What are the behaviors of companies that have rapid growth?

Check out this weeks Vlog* post when Pramukh Jeyathilak, Head of Human Resources at LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) and prior head of HR for Fidelity Investments share his personal observations of the behaviors and mindset of rapid growth...

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Summary of HBR article People Before Strategy: A New Role for the CHRO

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2022
This 2015  HBR Article
 People Before Strategy: A New Role for the CHRO was written ahead of its time AND Now I think it’s time to share this again with all CEOs.
This article states a lot of hard truths that have not changed much since 2015 and need to be circulated again. The authors have some great recommendations based on their own experiences BUT, I do have one contrarian point of view. And that is CEOs, you don’t have 3 years to get this CHRO partnership right. I think you know I am right.
Please share with your CEO friends!
Knowing CEOs typically skim, here’s my skim “cut and paste” exerpts for busy execs...
“CEOs know that they depend on their company’s human resources to achieve success. Businesses don’t create value; people do. ……
CEOs ... rank HR as only the eighth or ninth most important function in a company ...
CEOs might complain that their CHROs are too bogged down...
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Deep Dive on Job Leveling with Tonya Bradford WTW

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2022

I don't have to tell you that retaining talent is critical to your organizations livelihood and all the programs we put in place will be on shaky ground without proper job leveling or job architecture. 

Job leveling provides the organization a foundation for equity, a framework for performance and pay while giving leaders of people the clarity and tools for meaningful career discussions with their staff.

It's challenging to design effective rewards, performance management, DE&I and career paths without this foundational step.

In today's vlog, we are proud to share the discussion our HR Mastermind group had with Tonya Bradford, West Region Talent Business Leader from Willis Towers Watson  on job leveling (architecture).  Job leveling is a critical enabler of consistent and fair total rewards programs, organization effectiveness and helping employees navigate their careers.

Members please find her PowerPoint presentation and machine generated transcript in the...

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From Zero to Award Winning D&I Programs with Marion C. Terrell EVP, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2022
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Taking HR from Tactical to Strategic while Doubling Growth with Marion Terrell, EVP, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2022

Join me to hear from  Marion Terrell EVP, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer of  (Previously SVP and CHRO) Flagship to learn about his strategies for doubling the business with human capital strategies in 3 years.


 Cindy Lu

 PS. If you’re the top HR leader of a middle-market company and aren’t meeting regularly with a group of peers, do yourself a favor and consider joining an HR Inner Circle group.

Think of all the challenges you can leapfrog?

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Leadership Agility with Board Members from Ace, Alcon, Concentrix and First Midwest Bancorp

leadership Dec 14, 2021

Today’s VLOG post is a holiday gift from ECC (Executive Coaching Connections) and CHRO Partners.


What amazing nuggets of wisdom our Mastermind group gained from Karen May and Kathryn Hayley on Leadership Agility and more.


Karen May is a Board Member at Ace Hardware, Alcon Inc., and former CHRO at Mondelēz International, and Kathryn Hayley is a Board Member of Concentrix, First Midwest Bancorp, and former CEO of Aon Hewitt Consulting of America and we had an amazing discussion about leadership agility and are proud to share portions of this conversation with our broader community today - lucky you! .


Watch this 45-minute video to hear about…



  • How in this volatile world we live in, there are times to lead with heart and other with your head
  • The role that HR can help facilitate conversations that help leaders feel more comfortable being vulnerable
  • What boards want to know from HR about DEI&B
  • How can CHROs show up for not just...
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Lessons of Running a Global Business with James Watts, CPO of Pizza Hut Int'l

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2021

View our Mastermind Group "fireside chat" with James Watts, CPO of Pizza Hut and learn about a variety of HR Lessons when Running a Global Multinational Business:

  • The Power of Focus and Consistent Messaging
  • How to live and lead in a diverse multi-national global world and how to be a bring the best out of your teams
  • Simple Diversity and Inclusion measurements and their approach to under represented minority groups
  • Personal leadership lessons -
    • 1. ask for help
    • 2. focus on strengths not weakness (unless it's a derailer)
    • 3. Face out - make sure you spend enough facing out into the worlds 
    • 4. Surround yourself with at least three Truth tellers on your team 
    • 5. Be a stage-builder for others vs being a stage stealer
    • 6. Be yourself and the best version of yourself 

 What's your big takeaway? Comment below.

 Ps.  Interested in upping your 'facing out' time with other sr leaders but don't have the time to put your own advisory board...

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Ellen Barker, Human Capital Challenges from a CIOs Perspective

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2021

Ellen Barker, CIO* at Texas Instruments joined our Mastermind group to share her perspectives on: 

  • Talent development 
  • Aligning employee and company values 
  • Blending culture during acquisition

In this vlog, she explains the strategies that have worked for her and what we, as HR professionals, can do to help facilitate maximizing talent and I have to say it was one of our favorite talks!

“Posters on the wall aren’t going to help you live your company's core values” and what to do instead.

Click here to learn more from Ellen Barker!


Be Well!


Cindy Lu



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* Ellen is now retired from her role as CIO at TI


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The Simple 4 Step Framework to Elevate HR's Reputation, End Frustration, and Boost Team Confidence

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2021

The Simple 4 Step Framework to Elevate HR's Reputation, End Frustration, and Boost Team Confidence

Professionally Designed Facilitation Guides for CHROs to... 

Upskill HR Teams by Delivering Highly Interactive - Ready to Go Consultative HR Advisor Trainings  …So easy to implement you can do it over lunch hour!

Watch the informational video and click here to make your purchase:




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HR Inner Circle Testimonial - Connie

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2021
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